Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Hello again!

Hello again guys!

You are probably wondering where i have been because i didn't say anything, well, i couldn't to be quite honest.  Our broadband went kaput (other words including spazzy or bonkers) so i couldn't write to you all! i know, how sad that is. So, obviously, this has caused me low traffic, but today i got new wifi! i also went and designed a new header and background using a website called Pic Monkey, which is a photo editing website.  It's completely free but if you want any of the really good stuff you have to become royale and i can't afford that, so I'm stuck with boring stuff.

I have done a lot of things while i've been gone that i have been dying to tell you about like my new concealer for example.  It's the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer and i love it! i will be doing a review on it soon so i won't include any details here.  I have also gone and tried the middle parting.  A lot of the tall, pretty kind of girls at my school have started wearing middle partings and they all look gorgeous with it so, naturally, i thought i would give it a try.  Im not sure if i'm keen on it or not yet, at first i REALLY wasn't sure, but I'm getting used to it.  On Friday i'm getting my hair cut and i don't know wether to get it done with a middle parting sort of style or a side parting.  What suits me better?

 Over the weekend i got an idea about starting a fashion scrapbook/diary and it was quite lucky because my mum suggested going to Thetford garden centre and i know these have some lovely little books and so on so off we went.  I was originally looking for the traditional A3 scrapbook but i came accross a range of little a6 books which were just TOO cute!  They were designed by an illustrator called Casey Rogers.  I bought a deep purple one with a cow on the front and words which said 'dirty cow' in bold hand writing.  It was just solo gorgeous and was perfect for what i wanted!  My mum also got a bright red book which said 'classy bird' and has a picture of an ostrich type bird on it.  My book now has 5 pages full of my faves from Look magazine and very small paragraphs on why i like the stuff on that page.

My nan has always been the most fashionable nan i know and that is because she tries, but tries as she does, she isn't so good at makeup so every time she comes to mine or i go to hers i happily do her makeup for her.  
                 As with most 'older' people (eh hem) her eyebrows and eyelashes are very faint and I'm not so good at eyebrows (if you are like my nan with this, GET THEM FIXED!!! wax them and then fill them in, and with eyelashes get permanent false eyelashes) so i got my mum to do them, but i did everything else.  I did her concealer first using my rimmel concealer and then applied her garnier BB cream.  Subtelty is the best when you get older and trying to fill in the wrinkles with concealer etc will just make them show up even more so just by using concealer under the eyes and any blemishes as well as foundation, you will look younger, instantly.  Next i got my shimmer bronzer, which i got out of shout magazine (lol), and applied it next to the cheeks and under the eyes.  Your under eye area gets paler the older you get so bronzer makes you look younger as well. Then i got my blusher, i used the shimmery blusher from a benefit kit (it says groovy kind of love on the front and beauty love-in makeup set on the front) and applied it on her cheekbones.  You want it to just give off a healthy glow, you don't need a lot because it need to look natural.  I then got Born Lippy lip balm  in strawberry (from the body shop) and applied this on her lips, this will soften her lips before i out on the lipgloss.  i then moved onto the eyes.  Using the benefit kit again, i got a matte white and applied it all over her lower lid till it was quite obviously there.  I then got the shimmery gold and applied it to the outer corners of her eyes because se was going out and she NEEDED sparkles! The gold has very fine sparkles but definitely shimmers.  I then got the light brown, which has larger gold sparkles in, and applied it to the inner corner of her eye. I then got the darkest colour and swept it in the crease of her eye to add definition.  I then got my Barry M shimmer dust in gold and lightly sprinkled it over her eyelid. Next i moved onto eyeliner.  This was merely to add definition to the eye and make her look more awake so i wanted to make it as thin as i possibly could, no flicks or anything. My technique for doing this is to get the person to close their eyes and then pull their eye very tight by holding just below the eyebrow above the point which you are applying the eyeliner.  I got my Rimmel Scandal Eyes eyeliner and again sort of swept it over the part of the eye which didn't have eyeshadow.  It's quite difficult to explain.  When you pull up the eyebrow and tighten the skin, the area right above the eyelashes comes up and that where you put the eyeliner. When you are finished, the eyes look more awake!  I then, of course, went on to mascara! I think the majority of us know how to apply mascara so i won't go into detail.  Ask the person to look down when you are doing their top lashes and look when doing the bottom.  I then asked my mum to do my hans eyebrows.  Quick tip, always remember that eyebrows are sisters and not necessarily twins!  One her eyebrows were done i got the bourjois Effect 3D lipgloss in no. 4 and applied it to her lips.  My nan doesn't normally wear lipgloss/lipstick so her face looks paler and more washed out.  This is quite a natural colour but it certainly made her look more awake and alive. 

I really hope you liked this post, if you have any requests or ideas for me, i would quite happily do them! 

Jelly x


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