Sunday, 9 February 2014

My top five blogs!

I think everyone has there own favourite blogs and I am no exception.  Below, I have included my top five blogs and I know that I am not the only person who adores these blogs and pours over their pages constantly. If anybody would like me to do the same thing for smaller scale blogs, comment below and I will follow your blog as well x

1: Zoella - Zoe Sugg is my favourite youtuber and her blog has the most beautiful layout and her posts are full of relevant and wonderful content that i just love to read!  She is probably the biggest female, English youtube beauty sensation and I just love her cute style!

2: Something Swanky - This isn't a makeup related blog but it has really detailed how-to posts on how to create backgrounds, headers etc for your blog using Pic Monkey

3: Tanya Burr - I absolutely love Tanya's blog because it's a lot more personal and about her but it includes really good reviews on makeup that i hadn't thought to look at.

4: Fleur de force - Now my best friend Caz (she is in a lot of my youtube videos) recommend this blog to me and i am solo glad she did because Fleur's blog us just amazing! it has a very sophisticated, simplistic layout and the content is relevant and i just want to continue reading forever!

5: Make Me Up - This was the first ever blog that i looked at when i was nine years old and i have always loved it.  It's run by a girl named Kia and she draws pictures of makeup using makeup.  Obviously, she does reviews like every other makeup blogger and the layout of hers, again, is quite simplistic and cute.