Saturday, 4 January 2014

Zoella inspired makeup, clothes and hair!

Lately I have been obsessing over zoella. She is a huge inspiration to me and her videos are just amazing! So today I decided to do a zoella inspired look!

I did my hair in the way that she does in the drugstore beauty haul. It was sort of curled round the bottoms and had a flower crown on the top, but I'm not wearing that. I washed and blow dried my hair like I normally do and then I got my straighteners out. I straightened my hair all over and then I curled a few of the ends to give it the same sort of look that Zoe had.

My makeup is only loosely related to Zoe's and I don't have a specific picture that I copied it from. I did her usual tiny cat eye and all the usuals like foundation etc. my foundation is actually a tinted moisturiser from Nivea as I currently don't own any foundation as mine ran out a few days ago, besides moisturiser is good for your skin! For my lips I used bourjois effect 3D lipgloss. My eyeliner is the scandal eyes liquid eyeliner from Rimmel London. My mascara is from the benefit beauty love-in makeup set and is called 'they're real' which is a pretty basic name actually... I filled in my eyebrows with eyeshadows from the same make-up set I used the third one from the top (image below). My blusher is the lip and cheek tint from the same set again and finally my eyeshadow is from the same set below. I have the top eyeshadow colour as the main base colour and the fourth colour is in the crease of my eyes and in the outer corners underneath the eye. 

As we all know zoella is a huge fan of collars and cuteness so I chose a black and cream dress from Kylie at m&co. It has a slightly skewiff collar and has a tight, cream top half which the flows into a very floaty, black skirt.  I chose these tights because they are very cute, that is the only reason!