Thursday, 20 February 2014

What I'm wearing today + about Lookbook

Jumper - Divided at H&M (Henz and Mauritz in America)
Leggings - Generation at New Look (£7.99)
Grey frilly socks - Topshop

Above is a picture of what i am wearing today!  It's a very simple outfit - Leggins, a jumper and frilly socks but effective all the same.  Now, i should image that you are wondering why i am posting this. Well, i have been thinking about doing one of these posts per week to let you know what i'm wearing and to give fashion inspiration to you.  What do you think? Do you think i should?

The reason i can only do it once a week is because i have school on weekdays and a picture of my uniform everyday really isn't that interesting and on Sunday's i normally just wear PJs.


Lookbook is a fashion site which i absolutely adore!  It has loooaaaads of different rules which help keep the site spam free and easy for everybody to use i.e. u can only post a new look every 6 hours to keep the lookbook timeline free of just you,  you can only post pictures of yourself, you can only post a look from head to knees of shoulders to feet, you can do collage posts but only up to 3 photos. But it is an amazing site, and because it's not cramped with people, you get a lot more 'hypes' and comments and it's easier to interact with people. i have 9 fans and the moment and something like 88 karma. It's such a fantastic fashion site, i really recommend it - go join and fan me!

Ellie Jean on Lookbook

Jelly xxx