Friday, 4 October 2013

Beauty tips no.1

One of the most crucial parts of beauty is the shape of your face. Is it diamond? Square? Rectangular? Oval? Circle? Or heart? It's one of the most vital parts of beauty. How can you put makeup on if you don't even know what shape your face is? In this article i will tell you how to find your face shape.

1) Look in a large mirror face on so that you can see your face clearly.
2) get a lipstick that is easy to rub off
3) Trace your face onto the mirror. Step away and look at the shape.

  • If you have a pointy chin and a small forehead you are a diamond
  • If you have a medium sized forehead and an angular chin you are a square
  • If you have a long face, large forehead and angular chin you are rectangle
  • If you have quite a round, long forehead, a long face and a rounded chin you are an oval
  • If you have a round forehead and a rounded chin you are a circle
  • If you have a hairline which bends in the middle giving it a heart sort of shape and you have a pointy chin you are a heart
I hope this helped!

Tanya x