Saturday, 22 February 2014

How to: Foundation, concealer, blusher, bronzer

Hey guys!

So today I'm going to do a detailed tutorial (as such) on how I do my base I.e. Foundation, concealer, blusher and bronzer.

A) Foundation
Step 1) Take your foundation/BB cream/tinted moisturizer and squeeze about the size of two peas onto the back of your hand.

Step 2) dip your finger into it and then dab it on your face in the main areas: chin, both cheeks, forehead, under eyes. You will still have foundation on your hand so dip in again and just fill in the spaces until it's all gone.  You will look like you have very large, cream coloured spots all over your face.

Step 3) take the brush you use for foundation (I reccomend I flat ended brush) and brush all over your face in circular motions.  This just blends it all together so that the spots aren't there anymore.

Step 4) then take your fingers and blend together even more. Go around your nose, underneath your nose, around the hair line, jawline and your neck because you will look like an idiot if you don't. Brown face, white neck? Not good. 

B) Concealer

Step 5) now get your concealer.  I reccomend a liquid concealer e.g. Wake me up by Rimmel or the lasting perfection concealer by collection.

Under eyes

Step 6) draw an upside down triangle underneath each eye using the concealer. Go from each corner downwards. Make sure it covers the whole under eye area.

Step 7) draw a horizontal line through the middle of each triangle

Step 8) get your index finger and pat the triangle, try and pat it inwards if that makes sense.

Step 9) keep patting until it's all blended in

Spots etc

Step 10) put a very small dot on top of any spots or areas that you would like to cover up.  Get your index finger again and pat lightly on each of these dots.  Don't rub because you will just smudge it and not achieve anything but a mess on your face

C) Blusher

Step 11) get your blusher (I reccomend sleek for great blusher - £4.49) and the brush that you use for blusher.  Dab it, not drag it as you don't want it to look really heavy and fake, and smile. The applease of your cheeks will now show really obviously. Brush in circular motions on the apples until you are happy with the colour, keep layering.

Step 12) keep smiling and brush up the cheekbones so that it looks like you have a nice and healthy glow.

D) Bronzer

Step 13) the final steps are the steps of the bronzer.  Get your bronzer (I reccomend bourjois) and the brush you use for bronzer (i feel like I am saying that a lot, lolz) and get a small amount on your brush.  Pout. You will see a line going down from above the top of your ear to the corner of your lip, get your brush and brush up down this line using circular motions, go to about half way.  This just adds definition to your face

Step 14) you can also go under your eyes if you want to depending on the bronzer that your have.

So there you have it! A guide to the base! If you would like more like this, comment below and give me ideas! Your opinions mean everything to me!!!

Jelly xxx

P.s. ^^^ my fave shoes!!!