Friday, 16 January 2015

25 facts about me

So this is just something fun which I really want to do and that is 25 facts about me!

1) my name is Ellie-Jean
2) I was born on Wednesday 9th May 
3) I have two lurchers called Jazz and Frankie
Frankie ^^^

4) My favourite colour is pink

5) I am a fashion perfectionist - I love fashion so much 

6) I have a very sophisticated, classy and stylish fashion style
7) I play guitar
8) I love to sing
9) I am a MEGA swiftie
10) Fearne cotton is my style icon - I seriously love her so much
11) I love Fleur de Force's blog, youtube and her new book "Glam Guide". She's definitely my favourite youtuber/blogger xox

12)  I am also a mega whovian, specifically of the modern "regenerated" series

13) My OTP is ten and Rose, I ship them so damn hard
14)  I have an obsession with the movie "Mean girls", I got it last Christmas and since then I have literally watched it about 20 times to the point where I know the entire script backwards
15) I love 60s fashion - I love the mini skirt and the retro colours like orange - it's really cute
16)  I have a slight obsession with Instagram, but I don't have that many followers. I currently have around 2000 posts!
17) I really love roses - I love the smell of them, I like the colour of them, I like their petals, I love their season I love everything about them and I love how something so pretty can hurt you in a heartbeat - it's one of my favourite metaphors. 
18)  I tend to get very insecure about the way I look, which is silly because there's not much I can do about it but because of this I tend to take a lot of selfies and post them online because I want to feel reassured. Some people would call this getting attention in a negative way but in all honesty we all want to be told we're pretty 
19)  I am a girly girl but not in the way of frills and bows or petty collars, I don't really like them as I think they are a bit twee and not very grown up
20) another of my obsessions: the devil wears prada. My friend got me into this on her birthday last year, I then bought it and watch it over and over and over again because I just love the fashion in it - I get so much inspiration and hope from Andy Sachs and she's the kind of person I aspire to be. Strong minded, independent, fashionable and thoughtful of others but she can choose herself when she needs to.  It is just an amazing movie and I love it so much.
21)  I have the most amazing group of friends in the entire world. Seriously I love them all so much. I've never been part of a group like this before and I feel so close to every person in it so if any of you are reading this, I love you and you are the best thing that has ever happened to me.
22) I once counted my teddy bears and I have 58 
23) this is the quote on my bedroom wall
24) I feel very strongly on any type of bullying and I would support anyone who was being bullied, despite background or past mistakes because right now they are the ones suffering.

25) my mum is the best friend i could ever had.  We talk about the most random things and I love her so much. I can tell her absoloutely anything and she is better than any money or anything else in this entire list.  You should all be wishing for my mum because I swear to you, she is the best.

Ellie xxx

Monday, 12 January 2015

The Evolution of Fashion


For my history homework I had to do a timeline on the twentieth century made up of events and people that i think are important and time and time again i found myself choosing 'The miniskirt - 1950s' 'Coco Chanel - 1920s' and because these things are so important to the twentieth century I decided to give to you the evolution of fashion:

In the early 1900s, style was very posh and still victorian. There was no showing of any skin so long, floaty dresses were worn, as were corsets so women had very tiny waists, which they wore pretty belts around. Paper fans were also carried round, big hats with flowers worn on head etc. It was very posh, feminine and delicate.

In the 1910s, fashion started to have less of the frills and intricacy of the gowns that women wore in victorian times, it starts to become more relaxed, although, the big hats were still work and no skin was shown. Many outfits were matching with tailored coats matching long skirts, little heels were work and big fluffy… er… things were worn over shoulders and hand muffs were worn. It was very elegant.


This is one of my favourite eras for fashion because it is the start of women having more fun with what they wear. This is the era of the flapper girls and Chanel.  Coco Chanel is one of my biggest inspirations because she gave women a chance of being something new, Coco Chanel is the face of 1920s. Women had class, elegance and style but more skin was shown and more fun was had. Definetely one of my favourite eras

In the 1930s, fashion became a lot more girly and a lot of polka dots and flowers were used with heavy collared tea dresses. 

In the 1940s, women had very set curls in their hair and wore twin sets, for example. Cardigans over twee shirts with the same pattern on.  Smart A-line skirts were work and little hats as well.

The 1950s had a lot of new styles introduced, even though a lot of the twee cardigans and  flowers were still in style. But a big skirts were brought in, tight tops and the colour red. Trousers became quite fashionable but the curly hair from the 40s stayed in fashion. Skirts were knee-length and the twin sets from the 40s are still in fashion. So basically, fifties fashion is pretty much the same as the 40s but slightly more relaxed, upbeat and fun.

The 1960s is the decade of the miniskirt!  The sixties is another of my favourite decades for fashion and it starting to come more into fashion. Colours like orange and dark green are brought in and cute kitten heels or heeled sandals. Block colour and short skirts were very fashionable too. It still had that element of class though, it was never tarty or skittish and was still sophisticated but bold and fun.  This was also the flower power decade so a lot of the styles were based on hippy styles.

1970s brought in flared trousers and awesome shirts! Mini skirts were still in fashion too. Big collared shirts and large ties were worn on men. Flower power was still big from the sixties too. Late seventies was a glam rock era and people wore very high heels. 


The 1980s is another of my favourite eras for fashion because it was very wild, very crazy! It was very punky and poppy. Loads of neon colours were worn and a LOT more skin was shown. There was big hair everywhere as shorts and statement tees, which are also coming back into fashion. Madonna is the typical icon of the 1980s, slightly weird, new, fresh and wasn't afraid of what other people thought. The fashion said "I don't care". To me, that's what the 80s fashion as all about.

The 1990s brought in a lot of denim! It was very grungy and coming in again now. Slogan tees from the 80s were still very in fashion , but plaid and pleated skirts were brought in.  It was also a little bit sports-luxe and a bit rough and ready.


The early 2000s - were so close now!  This was the decade of "mean girls" I mean, we've all seen it right? Pink ,jeans, hot clothes and little designer handbags is what you saw in mean girls, but that's not all it was. A lot of the 90s fashion remained, it was still a little grungy and a little rock-y, chokees and short tops that just showed your midriff were also big. But hoodies were also brought in and the Britney Spears look.  Hot dresses, bright shoes etc


Hoodies. are. Everywhere. This is how this decade shall be known. The decade of zip up hoodies and crop tops, I'm personally not that keen on the current fashion, which is why I don't really wear it. I would say my fashion is a mix of the twenties, eighties and sixties, which may seem a little weird... But in this era people are wearing hoodies, tight dresses and different kinds of crop tops. Take a look out of your window, you'll see it. Although, I will say, the fashion is becoming more my style - take a look in Zara - you'll see big fluffy coats going around with large fedora hats. Style, sophistication and class are coming back in fashion which I am 100% pleased about!  Round sixties style sunglasses are also coming into fashion, as modelled by my style icon fearne cotton in the above photograph! Honestly, this era is made of all the above fashion styles - everybody is different, there is no "style" as such! 

So what do you think? Which era does your style come from? Comment below!

Thankyou so much for reading!
Ellie xxx

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Saturday, 10 January 2015

Naked 3 by Urban Decay - review

This makeup palette is the most reviewed, most used, most wanted, most loved palette over the past few years and this Christmas and after an entire year of begging, I finally found the Naked 3 palette by Urban decay in my Christmas stocking at the end of my bed. It did not disappoint.  I love this palette, I use it all the time as it can be glamorous, snazzy or used for everyday.
It costs £37, which in my opinion is too overpriced for an eye shadow palette. 
Furthermore, all the colours in the 'Naked 3' are brand new colours, which Urban Decay have not used before. All the colours are described as 'Rose-hued neutrals'.
It includes a double ended brush - a small, thin and flat brush for application and a slightly bigger, fluffy brush which can be used to blend or apply.
Also included: four primer samples which have different uses and/or colour tones.
The packaging is a coppery gold colour, it has ripples on the top of the oblong case. In the middle it has NAKED 3 URBAN DECAY written on it in Gold.  There is a catch just below the letter 'Y'.
When you open the case you see 12 different natural colours, starting with a sheer cream and a pale shimmery pink before moving onto a slightly darker pink, which has a coral tint. Then a sheer brown that has strong pale pink tint. This serves well as a base colour.  Next to this we have a shimmery darker pink, which is very similar to 'limit' but just with a shimmer.  Then a shimmery gold, which you could place in the corners of your eyes or, if you're very brave, all over the lid for a night out.  Next we have a darker version of 'limit', it is a lot more brown and is mostly used to define the eye and blended into the crease.  Then we have one of my favourites: it is a shimmery brown with copper sparkles. I use this colour on the outer corners of my eye.  Next there is a shimmery brown, with touches of silver and very subtly green.  Then (another favourite) darkside. It is a dark, smoky grey it is slightly shimmery. I love to use this colour in a smoky eye. It's gorgeous. Finally, 'blackheart'. A shimmery black with red sparkles, I use this as a softer alternative to eyeliner, but it can be used in other ways.  The red sparkles don't show up very well on the eye and it comes out, instead, as a smoky black.
Some of the colours are very well pigmented, others aren't. Dust for example is not very pigmented but it's a very soft, shimmery colour. Their pigmentation depends on what it would be used for.
Ellie xxx

Monday, 5 January 2015

Ted Baker makeup box collection review

Hello everyone!

So, as I am sure you know, it was christmas a couple of weeks ago and I got some amazing makeup items that I would love to share with you! The item I am going to be reviewing today is a makeup box from ted baker:
I adore this box - it has everything you could possibly need in!  I use many of the items everyday.

I absoloutely love the packaging, the lid is a mint green colour with TED BAKER LONDON on it, very simple, very chic. The lid then flaps up, to do this you use the coral coloured piece of ribbon and shows this:

It has a picture of pretty town houses, which have been coloured pastel to fit the theme on the bottom of the lid and the inside of the flap is a plain pale pink colour which draws attention to the makeup.  This design is on many Ted Baker products currently.

This is a beautiful blusher than came with the set. It comes out as a subtle pink colour, it's very natural and not too harsh. It also has a slight shimmer to it. The packaging is a Rose-gold metal, however the picture shows it to be a much more yellow gold. It's a small compact which you could easily take in your handbag, with a simple pop open clasp. It also has TED BAKER written on the middle to give it that designer touch.  I use this every single day - it is very long lasting - I adore it.
        You could also use it as a bronzer as it has the colour, which you can see in the photo.


This brush is obviously for applying the blusher to your cheeks, however I don't tend to use it as it will make it look too full on my face. It's a soft texture and has a Rose-gold handle. I do use it, however, to apply powder to my face.

These two bottles are pretty highlighters, which you apply above the cheekbones. The bottles are exactly like nail polish bottles, so of course when I first tried them I accidentally used them on my nails 😳, which was very stupid of me and didn't go down well. The applicator is also the same as a nail polish applicator, a small black brush.  The gold highlighter will look lovely for a summer look; very tanned and sunny and the more silver coloured one is better in winter; it is cooler. The gold one will suit warmer tones and silver will suit cooler skin tones

These nail polishes are really sophisticated and very pretty to wear. The red looks very classy and the silver is very simple. The lids are Rose-gold to match the rest of the kit.

On the outside of the box it has the same pattern as on the bottom of the lid: pastel town houses and there is a drawer with a small coral ribbon like the one for the lid.
The inside is the same pale pink colour as under the lid. In here there is also different kinds of makeup products:

This is my least favourite item, mascara. When I tried it, it didn't seem like a high-end mascara, it didn't come anywhere close to the maybelline rocket mascara which I use. It's very thin and it took about four coats to be the same as one coat of the rocket mascara, which was very disappointing. However, the packaging is quite nice: simple, black and sophisticated.

This eyeliner is amazing, but not much better than drugstore. Never the less, I really love it. It's long lasting and a strong black. It's very easy to apply, it's like a very thin felt tip pen so you just draw on the eyeliner like you would on paper. I love it so much!  It doesn't last very long through the day. Around lunchtime I find myself having to reapply it because the colour has faded significantly.

This is a really pretty dark-berry lip crayon.  This I absoloutely adore - It applies very smoothly but is quite difficult to apply at the edge of your lips. It is quite long-lasting, it survives well through food, although you may need a touch-up. It's not too harsh and looks smooth.  I love to wear this product because it is quite a soft colour, even though it is quite dark.

This is a gorgeous bright red lipstick that looks very classic. It's long lasting and smooth.  However, again, I don't think it's much better than drugstore red lipsticks like Kate Moss in Rimmel. I do love tha packaging though, I love the cuboid, white design and the simple letters on the top of the lid. It's looks very chic on my dressing table!

Here are some Rose-gold eyelash curlers which work really well, even though I don't need them because my lashes are naturally curly.

Finally, I finish with two eye crayons in gold and grey. They have Rose gold ends and simple lids. They last quite long and both have a little bit of shimmer. They're good if you can't be bothered or don't have time to do complicated eye makeup and just want to sweep on one colour.

So, that's it! I absoloutely love the set and I seriously reccomend it it for a birthday, Christmas or whatever. It's great and totally worth the £40 that it is.

Ellie xxx