Tuesday, 25 February 2014

No makeup!

Hey guys

I have decided to give up makeup for lent! That's next Wednesday till Easter Friday which is a VERY long time.  Obviously I am allowed to wear it for tutorials etc or parties but I am only going to wear clear lip balm and a little bit of mascara on normal days which is hardly any.  It's taking me a lot of courage to do this so your support would mean so much!

I am actually starting today, a week early.  (Start how you mean to go on and all that) I'll tell you how I get on!

Here is a pic! Btw no filter!

I came back from school today and my friends said I looked great! Anyone think have the best friends ever? Well your wrong, because I DO muhahaha! Xxx

The lip balm that I am wearing - this is the most beautiful smelling product I have ever used in my life!