Thursday, 19 June 2014

What's in my school bag?

Hello everyone!

I recently changed my school bag and it gave me a it of inspiration for a blog post. This is a very common post going around blogs and youtube channels - whats in my bag? Obviously, i go to school and i don't have a handbag that i use everyday so i decided to do a blog post on my school bag because why not?

1) My pencil case:

My pencil case
I think that a pencil case describes your personality almost as much as the schoolbag itself. Mine is pink (girly - so me!) and it has elephants on - they are my favourite animal.  It also looks very fun and actually quite childish, which I like to think I am. It also has pockets on the inside to organise your pens, pencils, sharpeners etc

In my pencil case, i keep three pens - two spares (told you i was organised!), a white board pen, two fine point writing pens that i use for going around the edge of bubble writing and some felt tip colours that i use as high-lighters.

Boris and Doris
These two are so cute! I have named the duck Boris and the elephant Doris! They are super cute rubbers from Blott which were 75p at the top but i think the price has been raised since then. Having little cute things like these really get attention - I have lots of people come up to me saying "can i use boris?" or "oh my gosh they are so cute!" It's really nice because they actually get you attention from people that you wouldn't usually speak to, i really recommend it! I also recommend getting a huge eraser because these also gather quite a lot of attention.

2) An aerosol spray and/or perfume:
I always keep a spray in my bag for PE or if I'm late for class and I've been running or whatever. Most people keep a Hollister spray in their bags but i find that if you take these to school they get used up really quickly because everyone wants to be sprayed with Hollister! I tend to keep impulse in my bag, at the moment i have 'sweet smile' it has a very summery scent that I love!

3) Book:
There are always points in school to read, although i wouldn't recommend reading at break or lunch if you want to still have a social life because it doesn't get you many good points. But there are points in lesson time - often when you finish a test or an assessment you are given the option to read or in English we have a starter where we have a word game at the front of the class and if you want to read you can read.  Some people are really against reading which I think is stupid because reading is so fun! It can take you to different worlds and make you feel the deepest emotions of people who's lives you suddenly are a part of. It's amazing! (OMG i sound like such a geek!) If i could read in my free periods i would but no one likes being gossiped about, lol! At the moment I am reading a book by Gayle Foreman called If i stay. It's about a girl who's family dies in a car crash and she's put into a coma, but her soul can walk around and listen o her family and know what's happening round her, she just has to decide if she wants to stay alive or if she stays - it's quite intense and actually quite a beautiful story! Next i am going to read the legendary Fault in our stars - i genuinely can't wait!

4) French dictionary:
I have a lot of french lessons in school and so i always keep one with me. Also, me and my friends are also a little bit geekish in the fact we often speak french to each other and we want to know why different things mean like naughty words for example, because thats just hilarious right?

5) Mirror/Hairbrush
I love this hairbrush - it's so basic! It folds up so you can keep it in you rocket so it's perfect school! It also has a little mirror in it so you can check up on your makeup and hair. It's so cute!

6) Blogging notebook:
This is a gorgeous little notebook from Yuna that i use to write blog ideas in, that i'm scared i might forget or want to draft. It comes in very handy as it's perfect pocket size and i can just get it out and jot ideas in

7) Calculator:
Do i even have to explain this? I obviously keep a calculator in my bag because i need it for Maths and so me and my friends can take it in turns to try and write our names on it - duh! 

8) Homework Folder:
I keep my homework in a cute little folder that i keep in the back of my bag. I also use the folder as a sort of divider, i keep my big books at the back so that they don't get in the way and all my little books and other stuff at the front. I also keep my guitar tabs in the folder from my guitar lessons at school because it's just easy!  I got this one from Wilkinson's.

9) School books:
Obviously I keep my school books in my bag because i'll need to write in them for school and it's kind of what you school bag is for!

10) School planner
The school gives us a homework planner at the start of each year, most schools do. I seriously do recommend using these. They help you layout when you need to do your homework and how important it is. I use my felt tip pens to do this: I highlight the homework in red if i need to do it within the next two days, orange for 3-5 and green for anything after that. It really helps me to organise and keep on top of all homework. I also doodle in my planner when I'm bored - lol! 

11) Lip balm
Some schools are really strict on makeup so i suggest a tinted lip balm because you 'have really sore lips' - it's brilliant! i use Nivea pearly shine because I genuinely do get really dry and sore lips (it's all my mums fault - i get it from her!), it's also a really pretty, pearly pink!

The bag

My bag is from Rocketdog, it's been my mum's for years and recently she let me have ti because she didn't like it. I change my school bag sometime this week and I decided that it was sufficient, designer and actually quite pretty. It's denim with a yellow rope-like, over the arm strap which has a demim strip at the top with rocket dog sewn onto it. It also as wooden beads on the zips, which have the rocket dog logo embroidered into them - it looks amazing when you actually notice it, it's so subtle but very creative and effective! It also has a front pocket where i keep a 

I love the inside the most. It has a pretty, floral pattern as a liner with cute little pockets! It has an orange, heart-shaped pocket where i keep hairbands and clips etc, this has the rocket dog logo on it which is obviously a running dog which i think is beautiful and i have two dogs so it relates to me. It also has a little denim phone pocket on the other side where i can keep my phone if i don't take my blazer to school because it's too hot!

That's it! I really hope you enjoyed this post and that you continue on to read the rest of my blog! x

Jelly xxx

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