Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Nanny's makeover - how to

Colour unlimited (super drug) brushes used in this post

Step 1) BB Cream - get the large brush (with the flatter end) and put it on the table. Get your BB cream/foundation and squeeze the size of two peas on to your hand.  Get your index finger and dab it into a little bit of what is on your hand.  Dab into spots all over your face - start from the bottom and work your way upwards.  If you havnt enough for your forehead, squeeze a little extra onto your hand.  Then pick up the brush and brush in circular motions all over your face until all spaces are covered, don't forget your jawline and neck.  When it is evenly spread, get your bare fingers and run it in so that there are no places on your face that are too dark, too light or too patchy.  Make sure you get into the hairline.

Step 2) concealer - next get your concealer. For under your eyes, draw on upside down triangles from both corners down so that they meet in a triangle.  Then put a horizontal line across the middle of the triangle. Get your index finger and pat in an inwards direction till it is all rubbed in.  Put a small spot of concealer on any any spots or normal spots (zits). Just pat on it till blended.

Step 3) Blusher - get your blusher and the brush with the slanted end.  Tap it into the blusher as you don't want it to look very heavy.  Smile and glide the brush over your cheek bones, focusing on the apples of your cheeks.

Step 4) Bronzer - get your slanted end brush and pout. Dip it into the bronzer and, using circular motions, glide it across the shadowed area.  Also put a small amount under eyes.

Step 5) Eyeshadow - use the smallest large brush (or the largest small brush depending on how you want to see it).  Get the lightest colour (use your index finger for this as it is a cream based eyeshadow, just the lightest one) and spread it ALL OVER the lower lid till just above the eye crease.  Then get the lightest blue/purple and spread from the inner corner of the eye to half way.  Get the darker colour and put this in your crease and the other half of the eye.  Get the slanted end brush and blend until the colour is how you want it.

6) Eyeliner - get your grey eyeliner and close one eye, pull it tight and apply from the outer corner inwards to half way.  Do the same underneath but look up to make it easier.

7)  Mascara - get your mascara and separate all lashes.  Then apply mascara the best you can.  For thicker eyelashes put translucent powder on between each layer.

8) get your lipgloss/balm and apply on lips

9) get your eyebrow kit and the small slanted end brush. Fill in from the middle of the brow to the end with the darker colour.  Then fill in the middle to the inner end. Brush upwards at the inner ends then get the lighter colour and fill in lightly over the top.

I really hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it.  Please comment what you thought and follow this blog, it would mean a lot ;)

Jelly xxx