Sunday, 19 January 2014

Quick update

Hey guys!

So I thought I would give you a quick update on my life at the mo!

Anjisvlogs: I persuaded my mum to start up a youtube channel this week and she only has five subscribers so by going and subscribing to her, you would be doing a good deed :) she mainly does blogs, as said in her title but will also be doing a journal on her new herbalife diet. If you have any requests for videos, comment below x I also persuaded her to set up a blog and the link is: and there are going to be posts, weekly, about how her diet is going, what's happening in her life, makeup tips etc.  She really needs all the support she can get so please follow her xxx

Youtube: my youtube channel is SERIOUSLY lacking videos at the moment. I uploaded the 'My first time tag' this evening just to keep it going but I have no original ideas for videos! I did a video of me singing white horse by Taylor Swift about a week ago on my ukelele (if you'd like more like this comment below) and I just really need some help to get it going a bit more. If you are reading this you are helping me achieve my dreams but by following this blog, requesting videos/blogposts, subscribing to my youtube channel, you would be doing me the biggest favour anyone could do x

In a few months it will be going to the Caribbean!!!! Woooooo!!! I'm going with my parents and my nan (if she doesn't back out) and I am sooooo exited! I would like some requests for videos for me to do out ther, I will probably doing a lot of vlogging as ther isn't much else I can do. I might do another sarong video, but I did that last year and I'm sort of hoping for something a bit new. How about a beach hairstyles video? I'll do a haul for things I got when I come back.  But anyway, the point is I'm REALLY exited as it will be the furthest I've been away from home EVER!

Taylor Swift:
In about two weeks I will be going to see Taylor Swift at the 02 arena in London!!! I'm going on February tenth, which also my best friends birthday (oops) but I'm sooooo exited! I will be doing a haul when I come back from there as well because I suspect I will buy a LOT of merch!!!

So yeh, that's what's happening right now! Please follow this blog, it would mean sooooooo much! Requests help a lot as well and it means I know what you guys like to read which maks it easier to gain followers. If you are a blogger, youtuber, twitter addict or whoever you will know that's it's very difficult getting attention through the Internet so I hope you will sympathise with me :) thankyou x

Jelly xxx