Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Maddie and Ethan

I had a great day with my niece and step nephew today, did Maddie's makeup and she looked gorgeous (as ever)!

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Hair chalk

Recently, I have found articles online about this new hair dye that l'oreal have brought out, hair chalk.  It comes in a small bottle and you brush it on and then dry your hair. It comes up on every hair colour and lasts three washes. when I saw it on an ad on youtube I was very intrigued, trouble was, as I did some research I discovered that it was £15. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any English videos or the ad on youtube and to be honest the french ones aren't very good either so I'm afraid I didn't put a video on the blog, but if you go to youtube you can look for them if you wish x

Jelly x

Friday, 27 December 2013


I have included some old youtube videos from Tesmee times! They are all still very useful videos x

Jelly x

The perfect cat eye

In this video I show you how to create the puurrrrfect cat eye!!

Jelly x

Monday, 23 December 2013

Model behaviour

At guides a few weeks ago, me and my friends had a photoshoot!
Ellie (me, jelly bean)












Christmas party - photography x

Hello Chums

So yesterday i went to a party at my hans house, which me and my mum helped to host, here is some of my photography. (from the party) xxx

Sunday, 22 December 2013


As you all know, halloween was several months ago but i have some pictures from my awesome halloween to share with you!

What lipstick is right for you?

Find a gold bracelet and a silver bracelet. hold each one up to your face.  Which suits you more?

Gold:  If gold suits you more try to find a deeper red.  I don't know the science behind this other than the fact that it works! A deeper red will suit your skin tone better.

Silver: If silver suits you a bright red will suit your face

Both:  Try to find one thats in the middle between bright and deep although, these would both suit you as well.

Go to a store like super drug or boots and test out their different reds.  get your hand and draw a small line with the tester and find one which is a perfect match. When your happy, fire away!

Jelly x

Beauty tips no. 2

One of the biggest beauty problems is trying to find the right makeup for your features and skin tone. I am going to tell you right here!

Small features:
If you have small features, like Esmee, it's best not to wear bright or heavy make-up. To make your eyes bigger make sure you have your eyebrows waxed regularly because it will make beauty 100 times easier. Base your make-up around golds, silvers won't necessarily suit you the colour naturally makes your eyes look smaller. Eyeliner looks good but not in a cat eye. Draw it into the eyelashes rather than on top because it makes it more natural. Make sure you don't use a black on your water line as it will make your eyes look smaller, use a white or peach instead because this makes eyes look bigger.

Large features:
When you have large features, like me (Tanya) bright colours will suit you. Don't do makeup up to your eyebrows, it will make your features look smaller and over-dramatic. Eyeliner cat eyes make your eyes look bigger and they suit large features. Black eyeliner on the water-line will suit your features but don't make it too dramatic. Silvers will suit you more than gold.

Pale skin:
If you have pale skin golds will suit you more than silvers as they stand out more, silvers tend to wash out your face. Bright lipsticks will suit you, especially red as it will stand out against your pale face.  Eyeliner will suit you if applied correctly.

Medium skin:
If you have medium colour skin all makeup suits you! you can wear any lipstick you want, any makeup you want practically, unless it's clown makeup, in which case, no.

Dark skin:
If you have dark skin bright coloured eyeliner will really suit you.  Baby pink lipsticks are a big yes and will really stand out, red lipsticks won't suit you because they will clash with your skin colour, a deep red will though.

If you have a lot of freckles, like Esmee, there are some things you need to keep in mind. The first being that silvers won't suit you, golds mix very well with freckles. People who have freckles tend to have pale skin so the same applies.  It works better to wear dramatic lipstick such as red or dark pink to light pinks as they will wash out your face. Foundation will only suit you if you rub it in properly.  If you don't, it will look terrible. You have to find the right foundation for you, you would be surprised how many people make mistakes with their foundation. I recommend going to the counter in John Lewis and having your skin colour tested to see which foundation you should be wearing.  If you can afford it, buy the foundation and if you can't, save up.  BB cream is better for your skin however because it hydrates and moisturises. Because you have freckles, you are likely to have light and pale skin. BB cream normally comes in three shades: light, medium and dark. I recommend light. In most brands the medium is actually very dark. Buy light, but if there is lighter than light, get that. Freckles are only a pain if you don't know how to deal with them.

If you would like me do a personal 'reading' of your face email a picture of you to tanyaolaylabeauty@gmail.com and i will reply as soon as i can.

Friday, 4 October 2013

Beauty tips no.1

One of the most crucial parts of beauty is the shape of your face. Is it diamond? Square? Rectangular? Oval? Circle? Or heart? It's one of the most vital parts of beauty. How can you put makeup on if you don't even know what shape your face is? In this article i will tell you how to find your face shape.

1) Look in a large mirror face on so that you can see your face clearly.
2) get a lipstick that is easy to rub off
3) Trace your face onto the mirror. Step away and look at the shape.

  • If you have a pointy chin and a small forehead you are a diamond
  • If you have a medium sized forehead and an angular chin you are a square
  • If you have a long face, large forehead and angular chin you are rectangle
  • If you have quite a round, long forehead, a long face and a rounded chin you are an oval
  • If you have a round forehead and a rounded chin you are a circle
  • If you have a hairline which bends in the middle giving it a heart sort of shape and you have a pointy chin you are a heart
I hope this helped!

Tanya x

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Cosmetic journal

When I was 10 years old I discovered an article on blogging in shout about a girl called Kia who set up a make-up blog and is now blogger famous. She draws pictures of make-up using make-up and her site is fantastic! makemeupkia.blogspot.com was my inspiration to blogging.

Being ten years old, i wasn't sure wether I was aloud or even wanted to create a blog of my own. One day, I just went on my computer and, using my gmail account, created my own blog - cosmeticjournal.blogspot.com. I hate keeping secrets from my mum so an hour later, being the suck-up I am, I told her everything. She came and had a look and eventually she said it was fine. The blog stuck for quite a while and I posted my cosmetic discoveries constantly for about 4 months. My interest began to dim and I stopped blogging for a while. I then made a blog about animals, the blog address was twitcher4pets.blogspot.com I got up to about 900 views on this blog, which, at the the time, I was very proud of. Then, once again, my interest dimmed and I started up a blog about my writing. This started after I was eleven, half way through the summer holidays. I soon realised that I was going to get bored of this blog and i rarely posted on any of my other blogs. I then transformed scarlettred.blogspot.com into a blog of my life. It was instantly filled with posts. I still posted on Twitcher a lot and after the month it had got to 1253 views (dont ask how I can remember that) and Scarlett got to 200 views. One day I decided to make a youtube account.  I filled in the date of birth and then disaster struck when I hit go. Because I was underage for a gmail account, as soon as I hit go, with my true date of birth there, it all fell apart. My email got deleted and it said that unless I could prove that I was over 13 my email and my blogs would be deleted from the Internet forever. I had 28 days to prove I was over 13 and quite frankly, I couldn't. I used a fake name on the Internet so passport would be useless and I wasn't 13 anyway! My account got deleted and so did my 1500 (roughly ) views. I made a new account and my new blogging experience began. I made one main blog (tanyaolayla28.blogspot.com) which was originally named twitcher4petsto.blogspot.com but then realised that the name was too hard to find. I changed the name several months later to the name it is now. I don't go on it much anymore but some posts are still there, the original posts. This blog has 5000+ views and I'm very proud of it.  I then started high school. I made friends with a girl called Esmee Shie and several other fabulous people, One day I had a idea to start a youtube channel called Tanya Olayla Beauty. I knew  that beauty videos and channels get a lot of subscribers and so, that night, I hopped onto gmail and created the new account. The next day at school I told Esmee about my new account, she said it was a fabulous idea, which was when I realised. I need someone to help. I asked her straight away and Tanya Olayla Beauty was changed to Tesmee Beauty - Tanya Olayla and Esmee Shie. The email is impossible to change so it's still tanyaolaylabeauty@gmail.com . We now do hundreds of videos for the people of YouTube and bloggers alike!

The other day I was looking in one of my nans stationary draws when I found a handmade book with a felt front cover. I reached and pulled it out. I gasped as the memories flooded back to me. The words cosmetic journal has been stuck on with alphabet stickers and drawings of make-up had been splashed across the front page. I opened it up and four drawings of liquid eyeliner, bronzer, Barry M nail polish and a Barry M trio eyeshadow palette stared at me. In the middle of these pictures was some text:  
Over the past few days, I have been reporting the latest make-up. I have studied cosmetics from dusty lipsticks to gleaming mascara a. It's been a journey to remember so I hope you enjoy my cosmetic journal.
Turns out, my journal lasted more than a few days. I turned the page and the articles from my first ever blog were there, the experiences that I had forgotten and the words I never had.  I laughed at how different my life had been back then as the different smells and memories floated past me. Collages and photos jumped out at me and I came across my old blogger profile.  I had a picture of my dog as my profile picture and I laughed as I came across my favourite movies, Bonnie and Clyde among them. Now I know that I must carry on what I started. Articals are to be added constantly from now on. My findings at Tesmee Beauty and a lot more will be included into that little book. So there it is, my life as a blogger.

Tanya Olayla

P.s. why don't you email in some beauty tips and pics? We'd love you forever xoxoxoxX x

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Hello Chums

Hello everyone

I'm Ellie and i adore beauty and makeup.  I decided to make a blog about fashion and beauty and basically about myself.

I have titled it 'Jelly Bean Beauty' because Jelly Bean is my nickname (the beauty part is kind of self explanatory)

One of my biggest inspirations is Zoella because she has the most original ideas and is basically a whole bucket of fun!

Please follow this blog, i PROMISE you it's worth it x

Jelly xxx