Friday, 25 April 2014

Strawberry blond!


Hello everyone!  If you are a follower you may have read my post about 'going blond' back at the
start of this month and this, i suppose, is the sequel to that post! Above is two pictures of my hair before it had been died and afterwards, it has gone quite ginger, although these photos don't show it that well, it depends on the light.

I don't mind the ginger-ness of my hair, i actually quite like it; i feel like I've unlocked a new part of my personality, the red shows my inner fire and temper! I really love it, its also a lot lighter than it was and still quite blond so I'm calling it 'strawberry blond'.

By the war, its been raining today and i had to walk outside to get from lesson to lesson which is why its really wavy!

I used 'sheer blond' by John Frieda. You put it in your hair about twice a week when its towel dry and then dry it on the hottest setting.  The more heat you put on your hair, the lighter it becomes.

I hope you enjoyed this post! xxx

Jelly x

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

How to: make your own under eye moisturising and cleansing pads

My moisturiser
Hey guys! Today I thought I would add a little something to my 'daily skincare routine'. I do this every night and it really does make a difference! I put homemade under-eye patches under my eyes (duh) and it brightens and reduces dark circles! 

1) Start by moisturising your whole face - this is very important as it keeps your skin smooth before you do the under eyes, you need your whole face to be soft.
2) Get a makeup remover pad (not wipe) and cut it into the shape of your under eye, if you can't be bothered to measure it guess and do it a traditional moon shape
3) get your cleanser and put a tiny amount on the pad and spread it evenly accross the pad, so it's sort of 'rubbed in'. You don't want a splodge on the wipe because when you out it under your eyes it may go in your eyes, which wouldn't be very beneficial.
4) Get your toner and drip a drop (lol!) onto the middle of the pad, it will spread.
My cleanser and toner 

5) Get your moisturiser and do the same as what you did with cleanser.
6) place each pad under the eye, get your finger and press down hard on the pad and smooth your finger accross the pad so it sticks, if you like you can use a tiny amount of selotape to keep it in place

Keep the pads on for 10-20 minutes for bright circles! I also do it the morning before school as it does improve them!  If you take your pad away after about seven minutes you will see a lot of grime on it, it's great for getting rid of dirt! If you got lots of pads, full pads, you could make a sort of face mask, but maybe that's not an every day thing...!

Me wearing my under eye pads!

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

What I'm wearing today 5 - bunny Sweet

Bunny tee - Primark: £10 (roughly)
Trousers - New Look
Jumper - don't know :)

This outfit looks vey sweet and is still quite fashionable. The trousers are high waited and also come with braces which add to them but didn't work with this top. The jumper is great for autumn/spring as it adds a bit if grunge to the outfit and warmth!

Primark is brilliant as it's so cheap and good style! I also have a sort of dungaree dress from primark which cost me £5, which is a brilliant price! There are loads of different items and it's always changing with the trends so you will pretty much always find what you're looking for,it's brilliant!

What people are saying about this outfit on Lookbook:

I love the high neck on this top, it adds a sort of upperclass look to it, quite chic.  It's also quite interesting to try different necklaces with this, long necklace work better than short necklaces although necklaces that look like collars would look lovely, any necklaces shorter than the neckline aren't worth wearing as they wouldn't look as good.

 The top itself is quite long and shapeless so you couldn't wear it without it being tucked in to something as it wouldn't look very flattering. 

I would wear this outfit with high tops of some kind, or even heeled/wedged ankle boots depending on the occasion.

The top is definitely the 'show off' item of the outfit, most outfits do have one - maybe a colour pop ring, or Dr Martins or even a black top amongst an outfit of colour and this top is the icing on the cake!

Hope this gave you some inspiration ;P

Jelly x

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

How to make youtube thumbnail images using Picmonkey - iMac

Hey everyone! One of the most professional parts of being a youtuber is the thumbnails on your videos, the most professional you tubers have really great  quality thumbnails so i decided to show you all how to create one!  Thumbnails have to do several things:
1 - Be pretty
2 - Tell you what the video is
3 - Draw attention 
4 - Be pretty!

Monday, 7 April 2014

Going blond + Spring concert

 Last Wednesday me and my friend Carys performed at my school's Spring concert, I played guitar and we both sang. We sang All too well by Taylor Swift. It went quite well considering how nervous I was. Sorry about the video being sideways, my friend liana filmed it sideways which is incredibly stupid and that's her talking at the start, lol.

I am also trying to slowly dye my hair blond. I'm using John Frieda sheer blond, which is a bleach that you spray into your hair when wet, it's only for people who are already blond, it makes your hair go lighter. I can see it working but no one else can, that's the best about it, it's gradual so people think that it's natural when actually it's not. It comes out better with heat so put your hair dryer on full blast and then straighten/curl your hair afterwards. It is quite bad for your hair but it's permanent so when it is finally blond you can leave it.  Obviously it's a bleach and will damage your hair if you don't look after it, but special conditioners etc to keep it healthy. Also, if your hair is a bit ginger don't put it in a lot, only put it in once or twice a week. My hair does have a bit of ginger in it and the bleach does tend to bring it out. I also use a shampoo which stops it going a bronze/ginger sort of colour, I put this in once or twice a week, not every day as it's quite expensive. My hair looks quite blond in this picture, this is after the second go.  It worked for my mum, the only problem is it is quite bad for your hair, also I would get directions before you spray it in, either from the bottle and/or online.

Jelly x

March Favourites 2014

Hello everyone! It's that time of month again - the beginning, so i though i would show you my favourites from March! April has come around so fast, i feel like the world has started to spin faster and time has sped up, but that would be impossible!  I have quite a few interesting products this month, including food, hair products and beauty products, so keep reading!

Herbal essences split end protection intensive care hair mask
I love this product, it works like a conditioner. You put it in your hair once or twice a week instead of your normal conditioner and it helps repair split ends and prevent them from happening if you haven't got them already.  You leave it in for ten minutes while you shave your legs or whatever and then you rinse it out. It smells delicious, as you would expect from herbal essences, like raspberries.
Batiste floral and flirty blush dry shampoo
I love this dry shampoo! I have never really used dry shampoo before this month, which is when my mum went to Tesco and bought me this.  It smells quite nice but i'm not thrilled by it. It does work a treat on my hair though, i spray it in when i haven't got enough time to wash my hair before school and it just refreshes my hair, but obviously wash your hair as well if you do use dry shampoo - it doesn't clean your hair, only refreshes it.  I also have a blonding dry shampoo which is a sort of yellow instead of white and it makes your hair look slightly blonder.
Maybelline colour sensational lipstick in 832 - kiss pearl
I love the colour of this lipstick! It's perfect for school as it's quite natural but it's also good for parties as it has a light sparkle to it.  It has a great texture and it's a great product considering its a drugstore lipstick.
Maybelline The Rocket Volume Express Mascara
I love this mascara but obviously it can never replace my old 'They're real' mascara from benefit. It is good though, it lasts a long time and with a few layers it looks quite dramatic. I use it for school and for parties, its a great mascara!

Accessorise black pencil eyeliner
It's not the eyeliner itself thats particularly good, well - it's quite good but thats not point, its the style that goes with it. I have recently started wearing this on my waterline recently and i have found that it actually makes a huge difference to the face.  I wear it to school as mine isn't particularly strict on uniform rules and i feel a lot more confident in it. I really recommend this style!
So…? Kiss me - perfume
I discovered this perfume last week when i was unpacking the last few boxes from the house move. It comes in a pack of four, along with: so…? Eternal, so…? Superstar and so…? Sinful.  I love this the most, it has a sweet yet spicy smell - it smells quite alluring in a way. I wore it to a party the other day and it is actually quite strong, i also love the packaging. It's small but effective!
Bomb cosmetics bath bomb
I absolutely love bath bombs, i especially love bomb cosmetics because it appears in a lot of places and lush because, well, how can you not love lush?  I have started having a lot more baths recently because i have had the time to do so.  Bath bombs just add to the bath, they can give it a gorgeous smell, a gorgeous colour or a gorgeous feel. They are just wonderful!
Doctor who series 2
I love series 2 of doctor who, i love doctor who full stop but this month this series just reached out to me. Of course, i have seen it at least 20 times before (before you laugh I'm not even exaggerating) but i loved it again once more.  It makes me cry, but i won't tell you why (spoilers!)
I have also grown a sudden obsession with Oreos! I love the different layers, people off the chocolate biscuit and then biting away the cream inside and then another layer of chocolate biscuit!  I have a pack of two in my lunch box every day because they. are. amazing!
Garnier fresh essentials cleanser and toner with grape extract
I love this cleanser and toner, i love the smell.  They have a very subtle smell of grape and i love they grapes!  They have done a lot of good to my sin, i don't get as many spots as I used to and it feels fresh after I've put it on. *Check out my daily skincare routine*

Too lazy to read? Watch the video here:

Jelly x

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Wednesday bath

Hello everyone! I don't think there is anything better than a bath, and what's better than a bath that smells like chocolate?  I don't think anything! I think having a bath is the most relaxing way to wash if it's done right.

Every good bath needs a bath bomb and this is amazing! It looks like you could eat, I really as going to eat this! But it's a bath bomb that smells like chocolate. It's got a lot of different layers, the bottom looks like the biscuit bit and it has lots of bits in the bottom which I presume it's for exfoliating. The next layer is the 'chocolate cheese' layer which is really smooth and sort of works like a massage bar. The top is just the icing on the cake really (lol), it looks pretty! There are two 'raspberries' on the top that melt and they smell gorgeous! My bath really did smell like a chocolate shop!
I used Paul Mitchell blonde shampoo. You only use this twice a week and it maintains your blond hair if you have has it died or whatever. I am beginning to use a bleach from John Frieda that you spray into hair when it's towel dry and you do this about twice a week and I'm also putting in this shampoo to try and stop it going ginger! It comes out a gorgeous purple colour and when you rub it into your hair it looks like any normal shampoo! It works a treat! It's quite expensive: around £10.
This is the conditioner that I used. Again, you only use this once or twice a week. It keeps your hair from split ends and makes it smooth like any normal conditioner would - see it like a face mask: cleans, exfoliates, moisturises, makes smooth. They work, they really do! I really reccomend them.
This is a brilliant exfoliating scrub. I use it on my legs after I have shaved them to make them as smooth as possible. I also wear it on my face to help get rid of spots and again to exfoliate.

Jelly x

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

How to take the perfect selfie

Selfie type 1:
Find the best light in the house and stand so you are facing it, the best selfie is taken slightly above your head, facing slightly downwards. If you are using apple technology 'turn the camera around' and shoot!

Selfie type 2:
This is my favourite trick! Take your apple device and place it somewhere with good light, facing you. Start filming and literally pose, don't stop. Stand in each pose for about 5-7 seconds. When you've finished 'posing' stop the video and go to 'photos', you need to then go to photos and go to the video. Play it and screenshot any poses that you love, if you find that difficult pause the video before you screenshot. If you don't know to screenshot you need to press the power button and the home button at the same time. This comes in useful for photos where you're jumping midair like this one:

Edit every picture that you are satisfied with - my favourites are Instagram, insta-effect, iPhoto, touch colour, pixlr express, waterlogged and aftershape. The best photography app for selfie type 1 is definitely retrica - it's very popular with teens because there's no 'after-editing' because the effect is already there. It's a really easy app to work with. 

Waterlogue costs £1.99 and is brilliant! It makes photos look like paintings, it's beautiful on the right photo!
Pixlr express has loads of different effects and is the most time consuming because the photo completely 'handmade'. It's very professional and completely free!

iPhoto is brilliant for cropping and enhancing photos, it's not such a good effect program. It's good for brightening, sharpening, shadows and contrasting - it's good for the essentials and I would NEVER delete, it handy and I use it to edit most of my photos before they go onto effects.

Aftershape is for after you've added the effects, I wouldn't use it on every photo but it's good for littl effects in the blog such as the profile pic.

I edit practically every photo on Instagram, it's my diary. I put about 3 photos on everyday, it's great everyday editing software! It's good for everyday:
And professional:

Jelly x