Tuesday, 29 July 2014

What I've been up to

Hey guys!

Firstly, i would like to apologise as it has (once again) been a while since i last posted so this is going to be quite a long one!

The reason i have not been posting as regularly as i would have like is that i have been very busy doing, well, doing this:

Yesterday me and my mum went to Wells, which is a beach in Norfolk (I live in Norfolk so it only took an hour and a half.  We went up the town, bought fish n chips (below), took pictures, went on an extremely (!!!) long walk around the woods that took us about an hour because we got lost. We also went on a little noddy train from the town to the car park so that we didn't have to walk - lol! 
I went almost no makeup yesterday! You proud?

On the noddy train

I decided to have a little fun with dramatic cat eyes! 

I have also started getting out the Wii fit + every day x2 so that i can do better in PE! It's really good fun and wakes me up in the mornings! It makes me feel like i am achieving something when I'm exercising as it shows how you're doing, which is brilliant!

Today i've also been sewing a skirt!

Love, Ellie xxxx

Friday, 18 July 2014

Pink hair!

Hey guys!

Today I thought I would tell you about my new hairstyle!

As it is nearly the summer holidays and I love to spice things up a little I got my hair dresser to give my hair a new twist! 

The underneath of my hair is a shocking pink that I absoloutely adore!

My mum also got hers done at the same time - she had the ends of her bob done pink and purple!

Here are some pictures of my hair XOXOX

How about you? Have you done anything crazy to your hair recently? Let me know in the comments or even send me a picture to: tanyaolaylabeauty@gmail.com

Love ya 
Jelly xxx

Saturday, 12 July 2014

My mums 45th!

Hello everyone! 

I thought I would do a more relaxed post today to show you what I have been doing!
Yesterday my mum held a party for our family and her friends yesterday and so I Thoth I would show you a bit of what we did! Above is my mum, I bought her the hat for her birthday to match her birthday outfit! The top is from New Look and the hat is from Topshop in the sale for £7.Get the look - Angela Royden

Round top

Even&odd slim jeans

Even&odd slip on shoes

Topshop hat
£12 - topshop.com

I actually sang at the party - it was really good fun! My grandad bought me a mic which is amazing! It's really good fun deafening the neighbours (haha!) 
My mums cake!

My nan xxx

Sorry there isn't much to read - I'm super tired because of my sleepover! Lol 

Ellie xx

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Thursday, 3 July 2014

Create the perfect hair-bump + Summer concert at OBHS

Hey guys!

It's Jelly, obvs! Today I'm going to tell you how to recreate a style that I have been using a lot lately - I used to do this style a lot when I didn't have a fringe (bangs for the non-British of you) before, but I always found it quite difficult, but since I got my fringe cut in it's become a lot easier.

You tend to see this style in soaps like Corrie and Eastenders because it's seen as a bit chavy but you can make it looks how you want.

With a fringe
This is a very easy tutorial and I hope to make it easy to follow as it is to actually do. 
1) First, curl or straighten your hair to what ever you prefer, but, if curling, do not curl the fringe as you want that to be smooth
2) Get your fringe and arrange it so that you have formed a bump on top of your head, if your hair tends to fall flat you can back comb the underneath but make sure you smooth the top afterwards.
3) Twist the bit of hair which isn't bumped (the bit you should be holding) and twist it lightly, making sure that the bump stays big. 
4) Get two miniature crocodile clips and clip one in either side of the twist.
5) Hairspray! Try not too make it crunchy as it won't look smooth.

Without a fringe
It's the so similar that I'm not even going to bother with numbers!
You get bits of hair from each side of you parting and do the same as above, the only difference being that you. You just might need a bigger clip!

You can also mess it up a bit, like the picture above. Make your hair wavy and big so that you don't look so pristine.

Straightening your hair adds a touch of 'modern' and 'mainstream' to the hairstyle.

Summer concert

On Tuesday there was a Summer concert at my school and I performed in it by myself for the first time!  It was really fun, even though I was up really nervous before hand.

The video of me singing is now on youtube and included below: