Monday, 17 March 2014

What I'm wearing today 4

Hi guys!

California jumper - primark - £12
Skater skirt - New Look - Around £7

Coral bikini top - primark - £6
Velvet skater skirt - New Look

I like to think I look like Alex Kingston (River Song) with my hair like this!
Sky blue dress - Topshop - £33
Bracelet - Hollister - around £15
Shoes - m&co - £8

Hello everyone! I went shopping with my friends today and I bought three items of clothing. I was looking for items of clothing for my holiday in May in the carribean!

I got a beautiful sky blue dress that cost me £33 and I am in love! It's floaty and very light - perfect for evenings - although knowing me I'll spill food down it! - it's beautiful! I love the curve on the skirt, I think the dress makes me look adult but not in a childish way like a lot of adult clothes look on teens.  I love the bodice of the dress, I love the way it sort of drapes downwards and just hangs. I love the creases - infact I love everything about this dress! The length is perfect as well!

I also bought a black + Aztec floaty jumpsuit from primark that was £7 - it's perfect for my holiday in the carribean (Only 9 weeks!) because it's very floaty - it almost looks like a dress.

Also from primark, I bought a very pink coral bikini top, but you could easy wear it as a normal cropped sort of top.  It goes perfectly with my velvet skater skirt and my little heels. I think it enhances my figure as it's also padded - I love it!

I bought these shoes a week ago before i went to my other friends party and I think they go perfectly with my buys! 

I made the top outfit one day after school when I wanted to make a youtube video and didn't want to wear my uniform. I put on my pastel yellow California jumper from Primark and tucked it into my skater skirt from New Look and I realised how sophisticated it looked! Sometimes you just have to experiment!

Jelly x