Tuesday, 11 March 2014

My daily skin care routine

Hello everyone!

Today I'm going to share my daily skin care routine! I do this at around 9:00pm before I go to bed

1) I wash my face using clean and clear daily facial wash with lemon and papaya extracts, I make sure I get around my nose, under my eyes and the chin because I used to always miss them out and get greasy there!
2) I then scrub my face using the clean and clear facial scrub with lemon and papaya extracts, this makes me feel very awake and really clean! It also helps to get rid of spurs because it scrubs at them, which is good.

3) I then moisturise my face using a simple moisturiser. I don't bother too much with this in the morning because I really focus on it at night and there isn't much point, so in the morning I apply it as if it were my foundation.

1) I take off my makeup using tea tree makeup wipes. Tea tree is very good for the skin! This take about five minutes. You don't have to be overly thorough, it just gets off the basic, obvious layers. The cleaner and toner does the rest.

2) I then get my fresh essentials cleanser and toner from Garnier and rub them onto my skin using makeup remover pad or pads. Cleanser removes any left over makeup and can work as a makeup remover but I think it's always to to over your face with a makeup wipe first to get rid of the majority of the makeup.  Toner is there to get rid of any left over cleanser and any dirt that the cleanser missed. They are essential and keep your face clean and smooth. My friends mum has been cleansing, toning and moisturising since she was 14 years old and I have to say that her skin is absoloutely flawless!

3) I then get my moisturiser from simple and rub it into my face. I always focus under my eyes because I have very dark circles and I hope that this will improve them over time. Just apply it as if it were foundation, take as much care. Don't just slap it on, a beautiful face without makeup is more beautiful than a beautiful face with makeup. 
4) I then massage moisturiser into my elbows and into my legs, ankles and knees to keep them smooth. Also my chest, right beneath my neck because it gets very dry.
5) On Saturdays and Sundays I have a bath before hand with a bathbomb, usually from lush and obviously wash using the previously mentioned scrub and wash from clean and clear
6) if I have a bad spot I will apply a small amount of strong spot cream morning and night to slowly get rid of it

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Jelly xxx