Thursday, 20 March 2014

How to: messy bun

1) start by brushing your hair into a very high pony tail and tie it with an ordinary hair band/bobble
2) Get the ponytail and lightly twist it and wrap it around the bobble. Secure that with a bobble - you don't have to be neat with it
3) Your hair should be very tight and not messy at all at this point so what your going to do is pull the front section and sides and back to give it a bit more volume. 
4) pull out tiny little sections right above the ears to shape your face
5) Pin down any flyaways and shape it using the pins so that it's in the middle
6) Pull at the bun so that it's bigger and more messy
7) Add a decoration if you want e.g. A Dougnut decoration

Hope you enjoyed this post! I used Zoella's tutorial to achieve this look!

Jelly x