Thursday, 13 March 2014

How to create a blog background using pic monkey

Hey guys!

I had a lightbulb and i thought i would give you a detailed demonstration of how to create a blog background on pic monkey!

1) Go to Pic Monkey and hover over design. click custom. It needs to be around 2000px x 1300px

2) Click on the butterfly and go to geometric. Click the rectangle

3) Make the rectangle the colour you want your blog to be, i want mine to be white but I've made it pink so that you can see it better.  The image needs to have a white rectangle merged sothat it becomes part of i even though its already white because it comes out grey on the blog. I would merge all background colours because it's easier to manage .

4) Add whatever decorations you like - here are a few I've created

5) When you have done that click save and name your background blog background 1 or 2 or whatever. Save it as a png because 1 - it isn't as many pixels 2 - its better quality. Then click save to m computer

6) Then click template

7) then click "customise"
8) then click "background" then "upload image" and then "choose file". Then obviously choose your background and click "done"

And then your done!

jelly xxx