Sunday, 23 March 2014

Mother's Day gift ideas

Hey everyone!

Mother's Day is coming up so I thought I would give you some advice about buying gifts for your mum or nan or aunty, great grandma or sister!

Yankee candles are always a huge hit with mums, I think the rose one is lovely - it reminds me of my childhood - I also think it would look good in a Nan's house, I just feel like rose is a nan thing, don't you? All of the Yankee candle smells are absoloutely wonderful and I definitely reccomend them to anyone. The one downside is the fact that they are a little pricey, but they're easy to find, they're pretty much everywhere!

Another big one with mums is pandora beads, above are a few of my favourites from the Mother's Day collection. Again, they do happen to be quite expensive but I do think that they're worth it! The beads range from about £15 - £65.  I think they are all beautiful but not much use without the bracelet so if she doesn't have the bracelet I would reccomend just getting that.

Every mum loves a designer lipstick and I think this one ^ is PERFECT for mums! It's a little bit pricey but it's absoloutely gorgeous! Yves Saint Lauren is a designer and the lipsticks feel, smell and look beautiful! Your mum just has to appreciate it! 

Hope this gave you some inspiration, but to be honest it doesn't have to be expensive, buy dupes if you want - it's the thought that counts!

Jelly x