Friday, 25 April 2014

Strawberry blond!


Hello everyone!  If you are a follower you may have read my post about 'going blond' back at the
start of this month and this, i suppose, is the sequel to that post! Above is two pictures of my hair before it had been died and afterwards, it has gone quite ginger, although these photos don't show it that well, it depends on the light.

I don't mind the ginger-ness of my hair, i actually quite like it; i feel like I've unlocked a new part of my personality, the red shows my inner fire and temper! I really love it, its also a lot lighter than it was and still quite blond so I'm calling it 'strawberry blond'.

By the war, its been raining today and i had to walk outside to get from lesson to lesson which is why its really wavy!

I used 'sheer blond' by John Frieda. You put it in your hair about twice a week when its towel dry and then dry it on the hottest setting.  The more heat you put on your hair, the lighter it becomes.

I hope you enjoyed this post! xxx

Jelly x