Tuesday, 15 April 2014

What I'm wearing today 5 - bunny Sweet

Bunny tee - Primark: £10 (roughly)
Trousers - New Look
Jumper - don't know :)

This outfit looks vey sweet and is still quite fashionable. The trousers are high waited and also come with braces which add to them but didn't work with this top. The jumper is great for autumn/spring as it adds a bit if grunge to the outfit and warmth!

Primark is brilliant as it's so cheap and good style! I also have a sort of dungaree dress from primark which cost me £5, which is a brilliant price! There are loads of different items and it's always changing with the trends so you will pretty much always find what you're looking for,it's brilliant!

What people are saying about this outfit on Lookbook:

I love the high neck on this top, it adds a sort of upperclass look to it, quite chic.  It's also quite interesting to try different necklaces with this, long necklace work better than short necklaces although necklaces that look like collars would look lovely, any necklaces shorter than the neckline aren't worth wearing as they wouldn't look as good.

 The top itself is quite long and shapeless so you couldn't wear it without it being tucked in to something as it wouldn't look very flattering. 

I would wear this outfit with high tops of some kind, or even heeled/wedged ankle boots depending on the occasion.

The top is definitely the 'show off' item of the outfit, most outfits do have one - maybe a colour pop ring, or Dr Martins or even a black top amongst an outfit of colour and this top is the icing on the cake!

Hope this gave you some inspiration ;P

Jelly x