Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Wednesday bath

Hello everyone! I don't think there is anything better than a bath, and what's better than a bath that smells like chocolate?  I don't think anything! I think having a bath is the most relaxing way to wash if it's done right.

Every good bath needs a bath bomb and this is amazing! It looks like you could eat, I really as going to eat this! But it's a bath bomb that smells like chocolate. It's got a lot of different layers, the bottom looks like the biscuit bit and it has lots of bits in the bottom which I presume it's for exfoliating. The next layer is the 'chocolate cheese' layer which is really smooth and sort of works like a massage bar. The top is just the icing on the cake really (lol), it looks pretty! There are two 'raspberries' on the top that melt and they smell gorgeous! My bath really did smell like a chocolate shop!
I used Paul Mitchell blonde shampoo. You only use this twice a week and it maintains your blond hair if you have has it died or whatever. I am beginning to use a bleach from John Frieda that you spray into hair when it's towel dry and you do this about twice a week and I'm also putting in this shampoo to try and stop it going ginger! It comes out a gorgeous purple colour and when you rub it into your hair it looks like any normal shampoo! It works a treat! It's quite expensive: around £10.
This is the conditioner that I used. Again, you only use this once or twice a week. It keeps your hair from split ends and makes it smooth like any normal conditioner would - see it like a face mask: cleans, exfoliates, moisturises, makes smooth. They work, they really do! I really reccomend them.
This is a brilliant exfoliating scrub. I use it on my legs after I have shaved them to make them as smooth as possible. I also wear it on my face to help get rid of spots and again to exfoliate.

Jelly x