Monday, 7 April 2014

March Favourites 2014

Hello everyone! It's that time of month again - the beginning, so i though i would show you my favourites from March! April has come around so fast, i feel like the world has started to spin faster and time has sped up, but that would be impossible!  I have quite a few interesting products this month, including food, hair products and beauty products, so keep reading!

Herbal essences split end protection intensive care hair mask
I love this product, it works like a conditioner. You put it in your hair once or twice a week instead of your normal conditioner and it helps repair split ends and prevent them from happening if you haven't got them already.  You leave it in for ten minutes while you shave your legs or whatever and then you rinse it out. It smells delicious, as you would expect from herbal essences, like raspberries.
Batiste floral and flirty blush dry shampoo
I love this dry shampoo! I have never really used dry shampoo before this month, which is when my mum went to Tesco and bought me this.  It smells quite nice but i'm not thrilled by it. It does work a treat on my hair though, i spray it in when i haven't got enough time to wash my hair before school and it just refreshes my hair, but obviously wash your hair as well if you do use dry shampoo - it doesn't clean your hair, only refreshes it.  I also have a blonding dry shampoo which is a sort of yellow instead of white and it makes your hair look slightly blonder.
Maybelline colour sensational lipstick in 832 - kiss pearl
I love the colour of this lipstick! It's perfect for school as it's quite natural but it's also good for parties as it has a light sparkle to it.  It has a great texture and it's a great product considering its a drugstore lipstick.
Maybelline The Rocket Volume Express Mascara
I love this mascara but obviously it can never replace my old 'They're real' mascara from benefit. It is good though, it lasts a long time and with a few layers it looks quite dramatic. I use it for school and for parties, its a great mascara!

Accessorise black pencil eyeliner
It's not the eyeliner itself thats particularly good, well - it's quite good but thats not point, its the style that goes with it. I have recently started wearing this on my waterline recently and i have found that it actually makes a huge difference to the face.  I wear it to school as mine isn't particularly strict on uniform rules and i feel a lot more confident in it. I really recommend this style!
So…? Kiss me - perfume
I discovered this perfume last week when i was unpacking the last few boxes from the house move. It comes in a pack of four, along with: so…? Eternal, so…? Superstar and so…? Sinful.  I love this the most, it has a sweet yet spicy smell - it smells quite alluring in a way. I wore it to a party the other day and it is actually quite strong, i also love the packaging. It's small but effective!
Bomb cosmetics bath bomb
I absolutely love bath bombs, i especially love bomb cosmetics because it appears in a lot of places and lush because, well, how can you not love lush?  I have started having a lot more baths recently because i have had the time to do so.  Bath bombs just add to the bath, they can give it a gorgeous smell, a gorgeous colour or a gorgeous feel. They are just wonderful!
Doctor who series 2
I love series 2 of doctor who, i love doctor who full stop but this month this series just reached out to me. Of course, i have seen it at least 20 times before (before you laugh I'm not even exaggerating) but i loved it again once more.  It makes me cry, but i won't tell you why (spoilers!)
I have also grown a sudden obsession with Oreos! I love the different layers, people off the chocolate biscuit and then biting away the cream inside and then another layer of chocolate biscuit!  I have a pack of two in my lunch box every day because they. are. amazing!
Garnier fresh essentials cleanser and toner with grape extract
I love this cleanser and toner, i love the smell.  They have a very subtle smell of grape and i love they grapes!  They have done a lot of good to my sin, i don't get as many spots as I used to and it feels fresh after I've put it on. *Check out my daily skincare routine*

Too lazy to read? Watch the video here:

Jelly x