Monday, 7 April 2014

Going blond + Spring concert

 Last Wednesday me and my friend Carys performed at my school's Spring concert, I played guitar and we both sang. We sang All too well by Taylor Swift. It went quite well considering how nervous I was. Sorry about the video being sideways, my friend liana filmed it sideways which is incredibly stupid and that's her talking at the start, lol.

I am also trying to slowly dye my hair blond. I'm using John Frieda sheer blond, which is a bleach that you spray into your hair when wet, it's only for people who are already blond, it makes your hair go lighter. I can see it working but no one else can, that's the best about it, it's gradual so people think that it's natural when actually it's not. It comes out better with heat so put your hair dryer on full blast and then straighten/curl your hair afterwards. It is quite bad for your hair but it's permanent so when it is finally blond you can leave it.  Obviously it's a bleach and will damage your hair if you don't look after it, but special conditioners etc to keep it healthy. Also, if your hair is a bit ginger don't put it in a lot, only put it in once or twice a week. My hair does have a bit of ginger in it and the bleach does tend to bring it out. I also use a shampoo which stops it going a bronze/ginger sort of colour, I put this in once or twice a week, not every day as it's quite expensive. My hair looks quite blond in this picture, this is after the second go.  It worked for my mum, the only problem is it is quite bad for your hair, also I would get directions before you spray it in, either from the bottle and/or online.

Jelly x