Tuesday, 22 April 2014

How to: make your own under eye moisturising and cleansing pads

My moisturiser
Hey guys! Today I thought I would add a little something to my 'daily skincare routine'. I do this every night and it really does make a difference! I put homemade under-eye patches under my eyes (duh) and it brightens and reduces dark circles! 

1) Start by moisturising your whole face - this is very important as it keeps your skin smooth before you do the under eyes, you need your whole face to be soft.
2) Get a makeup remover pad (not wipe) and cut it into the shape of your under eye, if you can't be bothered to measure it guess and do it a traditional moon shape
3) get your cleanser and put a tiny amount on the pad and spread it evenly accross the pad, so it's sort of 'rubbed in'. You don't want a splodge on the wipe because when you out it under your eyes it may go in your eyes, which wouldn't be very beneficial.
4) Get your toner and drip a drop (lol!) onto the middle of the pad, it will spread.
My cleanser and toner 

5) Get your moisturiser and do the same as what you did with cleanser.
6) place each pad under the eye, get your finger and press down hard on the pad and smooth your finger accross the pad so it sticks, if you like you can use a tiny amount of selotape to keep it in place

Keep the pads on for 10-20 minutes for bright circles! I also do it the morning before school as it does improve them!  If you take your pad away after about seven minutes you will see a lot of grime on it, it's great for getting rid of dirt! If you got lots of pads, full pads, you could make a sort of face mask, but maybe that's not an every day thing...!

Me wearing my under eye pads!