Saturday, 28 February 2015

Tumblr Room tour + Storage

 Hey! Today I thought I would do something a bit different to my previous blogposts and it's how I store my makeup and just a room tour!

My room is a typical tumblr room (but with a bit of work needed). Tumblr rooms have become soooooo popular over the last year because they are great for small, teenage rooms as they can be messy and still look cool.  As my friend Carys said to me, it's like a den - very homely and welcoming. 

My bookcase
On my bookcase I keep a lot of beauty products and my most treasured books, the rest of my books are in a row that is underneath my bed.
Shelf one - skincare
On the top shelf of my bookcase, I store my skincare products as well as nail varnishes, deodorant etc. My nail varnishes are kept in the mint green box.  I received a Topshop necklace in this box for last years birthday and I could not bear to throw it away because it is gorgeous so decided to keep my nail varnishes in there.

Shelf two - Boxes
On my second shelf I keep my Makeup items which are large or in a bag/box e.g.: makeup brushes, Naked 3 palette, Ted Baker makeup kit and a Zoella makeup bag, which i store my large earrings in. Behind this I have a hair care bag and behind the naked 3 I have another bag with hair bows and clips in. 
Shelf 3 - books
On my third shelf of my bookcase I actually keep books. As I said earlier, these are only my favourite books, the rest are in a draw underneath my bed. These are also show books, book which people would be most impressed by and they are the most famous, for example: Girl Online, The Twilight Saga and Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging series.  I love all these books so much - I recommend them to anyone and everyone. 

 On my wall above my bed there is a quote, this is so popular with tumblr rooms that I just couldn't leave it.  I spent ages trying to find a quote which represented me.  I considered Doctor Who quotes, Taylor Swift quotes, random quotes but in the end I ended up with th only quote I could ever use. "People throw rocks at things that shine" - Taylor Swift, Ours. This quote inspires me all the time and it represents my life so well, and it's sung by my all time favourite musician, Miss Taylor swift.  To make it, I cut out gold paper into the letters and then stuck them on with blu-tack. I also included letters made out of pages form magazines, I love these letters and I just had to include them because they are so pretty.

 This photo is from my 11th birthday. It is of me and all my best friends, they are amazing!  Me and my mum made the frame out of the same gold paper that I made my quote from.
My wardrobe

At the end of my bed, I keep my wardrobe! I would show you whats inside but that seems quite private so you just get to see the outside haha! On top, i keep my heated curlers and a box which I made when I was ten in memory of my Great-Grandma, who died at the age of 104 while I was making it.  Inside this box I keep hairbands and other cute things. I also keep a few teddies, but the rest of my teddy-bears are in my stable.

Dressing Table
 On my dressing table I have a No. 7 Mirror, which has a really good light and this has been one of my best Christmas presents as it gets very dark in winter, which make sit difficult to apply makeup - this has been amazing! I also have a big mirror in the middle, which is good for checking your overall appearance. I keep my statement necklaces on this mirror - on the left i have a mint green flower necklace from Wallis, on the right a light pink leaf necklace form Topshop and in the middle a long pearl necklace. I keep my face wipes in the centre of my dressing table next to a set of hand creams. Also on my dressing table i keep my everyday, basic makeup in a transparent, plastic, miniature set of draws. These are so useful!
My room
On my ceiling, I have a photo line. These are my favourite internet invention from the past year!  I have a long line of rope that is stuck on my wall with Command decorating hooks (see below) and on them i have clipped photos of my family and my friends using washing line clips. It looks very shabby chic and it's just so cool, I love it!
My bed
 This is ,y bed, obviously. I chose the bedsheets a while ago - they are from next, they have gold leaves on and they are a very deep purple. My plan is to build up my pillow collection as i only have two currently. Above my bed are my fairy lights! They are small and sweet, we hung them up with stick on hooks. These are SO useful as they stay on forever, 100 times better than blu-tack as they don't stain the wall and come off super easy, they are also easier to hold things.
Also above my bed i have two pictures of my gorgeous dogs with handmade frames, made out of the same gold paper that i used on my wall quote. I got these photos printed for my Christmas last year using a website called Vistaprint - it's super easy and super cheap, it has amazing results. 

 At the end of my bed i keep my favourite magazines (Taylor Swift on Vogue - hello?) and a phew personal touches e.g. My tardis Series 1 Doctor Who set.  I am a huge woven and my mum bought this for me when i was about 7 - inside it has the full Series 1 of Doctor Who (of the modern era) in four different disks. Oh and did I mention? It's in the shape of the Tardis. How cool is that? Pretty cool. Next to it I keep my necklaces and other jewellery on a mannequin jewellery stand, which is GORGEOUS! My mum bought it for me from the British Home Exhibition - it's beautiful.
I actually keep this on my windowsill, but the lighting was terrible so i had to put it on my bedside cabinet. This is a wooden sign which says 'Love' on it. Very fashionable and looks very chic.  I think this is from M&Co but I'm not sure xx

I hope you enjoyed reading this, what's your room like? Do you have a Tumblr room? Tell me in the comments xxx