Tuesday, 10 March 2015

"How has Taylor inspired you?"

I have been a swiftie since I was nine years old. The song which started my love for taylor was a song called fifteen (which is on fearless) and I listened to it constantly because it made me brave. At that moment I was going through a really tough time at school, only about one person liked me and everyone else hated me. I fancied this boy who treated me like dirt and my so-called bestfriend was bitching about me behind my back and she copied everything I did until I wasn't me anymore. This song is about Taylor's first day in high school, about how she's nervous and she takes a deep breath, she's strong, she makes new friends and gets a nice boyfriend but realises her dreams to become who she is today. This song made me stronger. I slowly destroyed my friendship with that friend and made new friends, friends who actually cared about me.  I stood up to the bullies by standing tall and ignoring everything they were saying. 

In high school, for a long while I made new friends and I love them all with my entire heart. Taylor inspired me to start singing. I had played piano for a while, I wasn't very good at it although I didn't realise that then. I wrote songs and put them on youtube but I got so much hate for it. Soon, everyone in the school had watched my youtube videos and I got lots of people saying horrible things to me, it was "change" and "long live" that got me through this. Having that inspiration, hearing someone say "this is inst forever, one day it's going to get better" really helped me. Long live showed me what my life would be once I got through and that helped me keep pushing. 

When I was twelve, my dad bought me my first guitar. I wanted to be as amazing as Taylor and I had realised that piano was never going to be my instrument. When I came home one day, there it was. A deep blue acoustic guitar and when I picked it up and placed it on my knee I realised that nothing had EVER felt more natural. I looked up chords and I played and played and played until my fingers bled. I played every taylor swift song until I got better and better and better. It was wonderful!

Taylor swifts' quote "fearless isn't about having no fears, it's about feeling the fear and doing it anyway" really pushed me along, it made me feel stronger, it made me feel brave . It's ok to have fears, it's ok to feel like there's a thousand butterflies in your stomach, it's ok to be terrified to sing infront of the whole school but you can do it anyway" and that's what I did. It went brilliantly and I've been sing in every school concert. I became the girl who sang and played guitar.

I started up a different youtube channel, I did a lot of beauty videos and that's when I got even more hate. One of the boys at school had found it and when I got off the bus one day all of them were making fun of me "what's in your school bag today Ellie?" "How do you get the perfect eyeliner?" But not in a curious way, in a "I'm gonna take the kick out of you until you crumble" sort of way. But it was taylor swift's "mean" that kept me strong. I was always going to be better, I'm in top set, I can sing, I can play guitar I don't need to worry about what they're saying to me because I know that all they're ever going to be is mean.  However, the teasing stayed and I started to crumble, my mum kept me strong, as did my friends and so did playing my guitar and writing songs. 

I started making sing videos, and soon my youtube views started to go up. I had finally found the thing that made me happiest in life, singing, singing, playing guitar and even more singing. I realised that there is nothing on this earth that would ever stop me singing and it's Taylor that made this begin. It was Taylor who whispered song lyrics to me and made me feel like I could be someone, to never follow the crowd and to always be myself.

Her album Taylor Swift inspired me to go for my dreams and love with a perfectly good heart

Her album fearless inspired me that it's ok to be afraid, but jump and fall anyway because these things will change.

Her album speak now inspired me to say what I believe and be the better person by laying your armour down and saying you would rather love that fight

Her album red inspired me to love deeper than ever before and to appreciate everything you have before it's gone

And finally, her album 1989 inspired me to shake off the haters, to move on and most of all, she inspired me to be happy.

So that's what did.  I would not be the girl I am today without Taylor Swift.