Saturday, 21 February 2015

My Topshop wishlist


This blog post is inspired by a post on one of my favourite blogs Rachel Coco. It is a wishlist for my favourite items from Topshop at the moment!

1) Stripe Print Tunic Dress
Costs - £42
This dress has a sixties vibe to it with a lot of the modern era. I like the colours that are threaded through the monochrome stripes. I like the abstract design with the stripes as it could be interpreted as many different things. I also like the shape - it's very sixties.  I do also like the length, it's quite short but the rest of the style takes away any element of looking tarty. I would wear this with my black denim jacket, tights and small ballet flats. I wouldn't wear any accessories as it would look over-the-top with the print on the dress.  As soon as i saw this dress i absolutely adored it, which is why it's on my wishlist.

2) Spot Print Swing Shirt
Costs - £36
I actually saw this item in the shop and i fell in love with it as soon as i saw it. I really love the colour of the spots with the green. It isn't like anything else i have in my wardrobe, it's different and it's eye-catching. I like collar (love a collar) and the length. When i saw it in the shop I thought it was a crop top but after looking online i realise it's a little bi longer than that which means it's good for spring and autumn.  I like how it's fun and sophisticated at the same time with, again, that small element of sixties fashion with the colours.

3) MOTO Bleach Short Dungarees
Costs - £38
I need a pair of dungarees really badly. I have two dungaree dresses but not any shorts. I liked this pair because they're relaxed and i like the colour. I think it would go with a lot of clothes that i have. I would like to wear them over sweet tops (like below) or over a collared shirt etc.

4) Textured Fisherman Knit Jumper
Costs - £36
I'm not too sure about this one, it's not something that i would usually buy. I like the vibrant colour - I can sort of see Taylor Swift wearing it in the 'red' era which is why it's on my wishlist. I need some jumpers to go over collared tops and I just quite like this one.

Costs - £42
I pinned these on pinterest a few months back because i just fell in love with them. I'm very into sixties and seventies fashion and these spoke to me like chocolate does. I like the shape - I've always like the shape of cigarette trousers because their not skinny but they're not flared either. They stop at sort-of 3/4 length and I just really like them. I like the colours as well - I like they grey with the red stripes. I also like their patching pair - the Stripe Tonic Print Bootcut trousers - like the way they fit.

Costs - £58
I have been after a boucle jacket for months and this is perfect. It looks modern and stylish with the pattern and zip with that old Chanel flair with the style and fit. I love the zip pockets- they give it an edge which most boucle jackets don't have.  A boucle jacket is a classic piece of clothing that belongs in every girls wardrobe and this one is just perfect for my style.

7) Dinosaur Print Skirt by The White Pepper
Costs - £40
Oh my gosh. The inner seven year old squealed with delight as soon as she saw this. I have never in my life seen a cuter skirt than this one. As cute as it is, it will also look quite sophisticated because it's not childish at all. It's a nice length and the dinosaurs are abstract. The cream colour in the back is a lot softer than white and I think this adds a nice touch.  This skirt would be amazing with my wardrobe. I would wear it with a black blazer, black shirt and some small kitten heeled pumps. It. Is. Awesome.

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