Thursday, 19 February 2015

OOTD - casual chic

This outfit is casual meets sophistication.
It includes:
- A black, 3/4 length sleeve blazer from New Look. It cost £15.
- A black, strappy vest to go undernearth...
- ... A lime-green tank top/jumper. I love this as it can be dressed up or down. Also from New Look.
- denim, patch jeans from H&M. Could be swapped for ripped jeans.
- White ankle boots from Kickers
- Round, black, 70s glasses from Primark - £1. In store currently.
- Gold hoop earrings - Claire's
- A girl-guiding badge! 

What people are saying about this on Lookbook:

I would wear this outfit up the city or into town. The jeans add that sense of a casual outing, but when you add the blazer you portray that you are sophisticated and ready for business. I love my kickers. They are bright white and shiny smooth. They are the most comfortable thing in the world and look original and stylish.  Underneath my blazer, I am wearing a lime-green jumper/tank top which I found in new look at the start of Autumn last year. I fell in love with it instantly. I like the original style of it: the bright colour, jumper without sleeves. I just found it's originality beautiful and so I had to buy it. I always think it looks very sophisticated as it's not tight fitting at all and just falls and clings where it is supposed to. Underneath this I have a black vest, merely for warmth. I adore the sunglasses - round and very seventies. They are very fashionable currently. I have never been one for trends but this is a style that I adore and I think I can make them work in my very unique wardrobe. Pinned on my blazer is a blue girl-guiding badge. I really wanted to wear my brownie badge because that's even cuter but I couldn't find it, therefore the guide badge had to be substitute.  I wear this as a part of me.  I believe an outfit is the perfect way to represent who a person is and so the guide badge shows off a bit more of who I am while looking cool at the same time!

I hope you like this outfit, comment below! Xxx

Ellie xox

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