Friday, 16 January 2015

25 facts about me

So this is just something fun which I really want to do and that is 25 facts about me!

1) my name is Ellie-Jean
2) I was born on Wednesday 9th May 
3) I have two lurchers called Jazz and Frankie
Frankie ^^^

4) My favourite colour is pink

5) I am a fashion perfectionist - I love fashion so much 

6) I have a very sophisticated, classy and stylish fashion style
7) I play guitar
8) I love to sing
9) I am a MEGA swiftie
10) Fearne cotton is my style icon - I seriously love her so much
11) I love Fleur de Force's blog, youtube and her new book "Glam Guide". She's definitely my favourite youtuber/blogger xox

12)  I am also a mega whovian, specifically of the modern "regenerated" series

13) My OTP is ten and Rose, I ship them so damn hard
14)  I have an obsession with the movie "Mean girls", I got it last Christmas and since then I have literally watched it about 20 times to the point where I know the entire script backwards
15) I love 60s fashion - I love the mini skirt and the retro colours like orange - it's really cute
16)  I have a slight obsession with Instagram, but I don't have that many followers. I currently have around 2000 posts!
17) I really love roses - I love the smell of them, I like the colour of them, I like their petals, I love their season I love everything about them and I love how something so pretty can hurt you in a heartbeat - it's one of my favourite metaphors. 
18)  I tend to get very insecure about the way I look, which is silly because there's not much I can do about it but because of this I tend to take a lot of selfies and post them online because I want to feel reassured. Some people would call this getting attention in a negative way but in all honesty we all want to be told we're pretty 
19)  I am a girly girl but not in the way of frills and bows or petty collars, I don't really like them as I think they are a bit twee and not very grown up
20) another of my obsessions: the devil wears prada. My friend got me into this on her birthday last year, I then bought it and watch it over and over and over again because I just love the fashion in it - I get so much inspiration and hope from Andy Sachs and she's the kind of person I aspire to be. Strong minded, independent, fashionable and thoughtful of others but she can choose herself when she needs to.  It is just an amazing movie and I love it so much.
21)  I have the most amazing group of friends in the entire world. Seriously I love them all so much. I've never been part of a group like this before and I feel so close to every person in it so if any of you are reading this, I love you and you are the best thing that has ever happened to me.
22) I once counted my teddy bears and I have 58 
23) this is the quote on my bedroom wall
24) I feel very strongly on any type of bullying and I would support anyone who was being bullied, despite background or past mistakes because right now they are the ones suffering.

25) my mum is the best friend i could ever had.  We talk about the most random things and I love her so much. I can tell her absoloutely anything and she is better than any money or anything else in this entire list.  You should all be wishing for my mum because I swear to you, she is the best.

Ellie xxx