Monday, 12 January 2015

The Evolution of Fashion


For my history homework I had to do a timeline on the twentieth century made up of events and people that i think are important and time and time again i found myself choosing 'The miniskirt - 1950s' 'Coco Chanel - 1920s' and because these things are so important to the twentieth century I decided to give to you the evolution of fashion:

In the early 1900s, style was very posh and still victorian. There was no showing of any skin so long, floaty dresses were worn, as were corsets so women had very tiny waists, which they wore pretty belts around. Paper fans were also carried round, big hats with flowers worn on head etc. It was very posh, feminine and delicate.

In the 1910s, fashion started to have less of the frills and intricacy of the gowns that women wore in victorian times, it starts to become more relaxed, although, the big hats were still work and no skin was shown. Many outfits were matching with tailored coats matching long skirts, little heels were work and big fluffy… er… things were worn over shoulders and hand muffs were worn. It was very elegant.


This is one of my favourite eras for fashion because it is the start of women having more fun with what they wear. This is the era of the flapper girls and Chanel.  Coco Chanel is one of my biggest inspirations because she gave women a chance of being something new, Coco Chanel is the face of 1920s. Women had class, elegance and style but more skin was shown and more fun was had. Definetely one of my favourite eras

In the 1930s, fashion became a lot more girly and a lot of polka dots and flowers were used with heavy collared tea dresses. 

In the 1940s, women had very set curls in their hair and wore twin sets, for example. Cardigans over twee shirts with the same pattern on.  Smart A-line skirts were work and little hats as well.

The 1950s had a lot of new styles introduced, even though a lot of the twee cardigans and  flowers were still in style. But a big skirts were brought in, tight tops and the colour red. Trousers became quite fashionable but the curly hair from the 40s stayed in fashion. Skirts were knee-length and the twin sets from the 40s are still in fashion. So basically, fifties fashion is pretty much the same as the 40s but slightly more relaxed, upbeat and fun.

The 1960s is the decade of the miniskirt!  The sixties is another of my favourite decades for fashion and it starting to come more into fashion. Colours like orange and dark green are brought in and cute kitten heels or heeled sandals. Block colour and short skirts were very fashionable too. It still had that element of class though, it was never tarty or skittish and was still sophisticated but bold and fun.  This was also the flower power decade so a lot of the styles were based on hippy styles.

1970s brought in flared trousers and awesome shirts! Mini skirts were still in fashion too. Big collared shirts and large ties were worn on men. Flower power was still big from the sixties too. Late seventies was a glam rock era and people wore very high heels. 


The 1980s is another of my favourite eras for fashion because it was very wild, very crazy! It was very punky and poppy. Loads of neon colours were worn and a LOT more skin was shown. There was big hair everywhere as shorts and statement tees, which are also coming back into fashion. Madonna is the typical icon of the 1980s, slightly weird, new, fresh and wasn't afraid of what other people thought. The fashion said "I don't care". To me, that's what the 80s fashion as all about.

The 1990s brought in a lot of denim! It was very grungy and coming in again now. Slogan tees from the 80s were still very in fashion , but plaid and pleated skirts were brought in.  It was also a little bit sports-luxe and a bit rough and ready.


The early 2000s - were so close now!  This was the decade of "mean girls" I mean, we've all seen it right? Pink ,jeans, hot clothes and little designer handbags is what you saw in mean girls, but that's not all it was. A lot of the 90s fashion remained, it was still a little grungy and a little rock-y, chokees and short tops that just showed your midriff were also big. But hoodies were also brought in and the Britney Spears look.  Hot dresses, bright shoes etc


Hoodies. are. Everywhere. This is how this decade shall be known. The decade of zip up hoodies and crop tops, I'm personally not that keen on the current fashion, which is why I don't really wear it. I would say my fashion is a mix of the twenties, eighties and sixties, which may seem a little weird... But in this era people are wearing hoodies, tight dresses and different kinds of crop tops. Take a look out of your window, you'll see it. Although, I will say, the fashion is becoming more my style - take a look in Zara - you'll see big fluffy coats going around with large fedora hats. Style, sophistication and class are coming back in fashion which I am 100% pleased about!  Round sixties style sunglasses are also coming into fashion, as modelled by my style icon fearne cotton in the above photograph! Honestly, this era is made of all the above fashion styles - everybody is different, there is no "style" as such! 

So what do you think? Which era does your style come from? Comment below!

Thankyou so much for reading!
Ellie xxx

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