Saturday, 10 January 2015

Naked 3 by Urban Decay - review

This makeup palette is the most reviewed, most used, most wanted, most loved palette over the past few years and this Christmas and after an entire year of begging, I finally found the Naked 3 palette by Urban decay in my Christmas stocking at the end of my bed. It did not disappoint.  I love this palette, I use it all the time as it can be glamorous, snazzy or used for everyday.
It costs £37, which in my opinion is too overpriced for an eye shadow palette. 
Furthermore, all the colours in the 'Naked 3' are brand new colours, which Urban Decay have not used before. All the colours are described as 'Rose-hued neutrals'.
It includes a double ended brush - a small, thin and flat brush for application and a slightly bigger, fluffy brush which can be used to blend or apply.
Also included: four primer samples which have different uses and/or colour tones.
The packaging is a coppery gold colour, it has ripples on the top of the oblong case. In the middle it has NAKED 3 URBAN DECAY written on it in Gold.  There is a catch just below the letter 'Y'.
When you open the case you see 12 different natural colours, starting with a sheer cream and a pale shimmery pink before moving onto a slightly darker pink, which has a coral tint. Then a sheer brown that has strong pale pink tint. This serves well as a base colour.  Next to this we have a shimmery darker pink, which is very similar to 'limit' but just with a shimmer.  Then a shimmery gold, which you could place in the corners of your eyes or, if you're very brave, all over the lid for a night out.  Next we have a darker version of 'limit', it is a lot more brown and is mostly used to define the eye and blended into the crease.  Then we have one of my favourites: it is a shimmery brown with copper sparkles. I use this colour on the outer corners of my eye.  Next there is a shimmery brown, with touches of silver and very subtly green.  Then (another favourite) darkside. It is a dark, smoky grey it is slightly shimmery. I love to use this colour in a smoky eye. It's gorgeous. Finally, 'blackheart'. A shimmery black with red sparkles, I use this as a softer alternative to eyeliner, but it can be used in other ways.  The red sparkles don't show up very well on the eye and it comes out, instead, as a smoky black.
Some of the colours are very well pigmented, others aren't. Dust for example is not very pigmented but it's a very soft, shimmery colour. Their pigmentation depends on what it would be used for.
Ellie xxx