Thursday, 19 March 2015

Pros and cons of getting a fringe cut in

It's one of the hardest beauty decisions you will ever make. Do you play it safe with the hair you have now? Or do you take a risk and get a fringe that could change your life for better or for worse. This is a simple guide to help you decide!
Before and after - fringe stages
No fringe

Sweeping side-fringe
Sweeping side fringe

Side fringe


- It looks so cool, you can look like Taylor Swift every day
- It will grow out if you don't like it
- It looks really cute!
- It will cover up your large forehead (seriously, its amazing)
- It looks really nice
-  People will notice a difference in how you look and compliment you on it
- It looks really pretty
- You might feel as if you've found the real you
- It looks SO cute
- Covers up any spot breakouts that you get
-It looks really pretty
- For those of you with big foreheads, it's excellent for PE because you no longer have to worry about people judging you on your suddenly obvious huge forehead that appears when you put your hair in a ponytail
- It looks really cute (Did you get that? haha!)

- It takes ages to style in the morning
- It takes about a week to figure out how to style it properly without heat
- Once it starts to grow out it's even harder to style; middle-length fringes are even worse to look after
- It can exaggerate your forehead, can show that you're trying to cover it up
- If you hate it it will take ages to grow out, it could take a whole year or more
- It makes you really hot in PE, you sweat really badly
- Above said sweat makes hair greasy, as does running your fingers through your fringe every two minutes in fear of it starting to clump; a telltale sign of greasy hair
- Previously mentioned grease makes the skin on your forehead oily, giving you the worst breakouts ever
- You have to get it cut every three weeks or it starts falling in your eyes
- Getting it cut so often costs you more money
- People will point it out if it's bad, many people don't have a concept of respect and just say what they're thinking
- This will make you extremely paranoid and you will check the mirror every three seconds
- Your hair has to look "perfect" all the time, it has to look perfectly straightened - no more roller-curly hair or messy side-partings, it has to look perfect every. single. day. This is if its a full or side fringe, a sweeping side fringe is excluded in this
- You can never decide which way to do a side ponytail/plait on: you can't do it the side with the fringe because the other side suddenly looks very bare and you can't do it the other side or your fringe sort of sticks out. If you have a full fringe you can't do a side plait at all
- It can look very dominating and harsh on your face in a ponytail
-Suddenly eyeliner can look to much so your trademark winged liner will have to go out the window!

If you still can't decide, I suggest getting a sweeping side fringe before anything to drastic to see if you like it!

Hope you enjoyed!!

Ellie xxx