Monday, 16 March 2015

Fashion favourites from pinterest

Hey! So here a few of my current favourites ! I'm currently into 90s grunge fashion - i like how it looks hard and soft at the same time, it can be colourful or dark but it's still fun and cute. Sort of like gothic version of children's clothing!  This list is not in any particular order.

This is one that I'm not entirely sure about, it isn't my favourite on my list because it's a little too punky and too much skin for my style but i do like the pattern and colours on the skirt. Infant, I love the skirt! I like the length, the fact that its high-waisted and the faded yellow colour with the horizontal and vertical stripes, which creates a sort of cross pattern.  I also really like the crop top: it's not too low cut, which eliminates any view of it being too slutty and the bright colours are just so cute! It's bold and has that childish element that i talked about earlier. The biker jacket is gorgeous! I dislike how the mainstream has brought biker jackets in because they used to be quite rare and quite cool but every one wears them all the time now, which makes me feel as if I don't want to wear mine. But it looks super cool here! It adds that edge and "I don't care" attitude that this outfit wouldn't have without it.
I. Love. This.  Every single part of this photograph I adore. I love the dungarees (i want some exactly like this!), I love how the one strap is undone, creating that grungey, perfectly unpolished look that I adore! The sunglasses are bang on trend - circular sunglasses suit my face shape as I am slightly rectangular so this trend is great for me! I like the simple black top underneath - stops outfit from being too over-the-top and the dainty, layered necklaces are really cute. The Docs; OMG the docs! I love the Dr Martins: they are lush! The colour has a sort of ombre effect, which is eyecatching and looks like a piece of art. Just gorgeous. It could do with some black frilly socks I think, to add a girly spin.
Oh my goodness. Oh my gosh. This is so dainty, vintage and simple that I just couldn't not scroll past. i adore it, I seriously do! The red is bold, bright, daring but it's paired with such a simple style that it becomes feminine and very british. I like the little buttons with the collar on the upper half: it creates a vintage look along with the frilled arms. The length adds the modern era in, it's not too short to become slutty and not too long to be frumpy. I love the small black pumps and black bag. The whole outfit is spring-like and minimalist which is two things that I could wear everyday!
I actually found this on my favourite fashion site (Melody Jacobs) and fell in love with it. I added it onto my own pinterest board, because I felt it could not be left out! I love the tweed-style waistcoat underneath the leather jacket - it's a perfect mix of my style: classic, yet grunge and a twist that you never thought of but looks hot! I love the hat - it looks gorgeous on her short hair, as do the glasses! I love the cat-eye on the sunglasses; they look really feminine. I'm not sure about the necklace; I think it could make the outfit look a bit OTT but still very cute. I like the fleece on the leather jacket: there's the twist that i was speaking of earlier. Also: gorgeous clutch! 


This one is absolutely gorgeous! I absolutely adore the Parisian feel!  I've always loved Paris street style, when i was younger i loved berets and i still have one in my room! I love the black and white, it's simple yet elegant. The collar is very cute and girly too! Reminds me of a school girl!
This one just had to come in here for several reasons:
a) The collar. Oh my goodness the collar. It's very seventies because it's big. It makes a statement.
b) The simplicity - I love how an outfit can be so different and so eye-catching with three very simple items of clothing
c) The red bag - wow! Again, very British. I like how it's a clutch. It's just gorgeous!
d) The floatyness and length of the dress.
I found this on the vintage part of pinterest! I just found this photography gorgeous; I love the bobbles on the dress and the scalloped collar, which came down to the buttons. I also like the violin - i think it's cute

So there you go!  Do you like them? What are your favourites - tell me below! xxx

Ellie xxx