Sunday, 29 June 2014

Going out for dinner + the Norfolk show

Hello everyone!

Yesterday I went to my Nan's and we went out for dinner - I just want to tell you how lovely she looked and how I did her makeup.  I will also tell you how I did mine 😘

1) First I did her foundation, I used Garnier bb cream in medium.
2) I then put concealer under her eyes and on her blemishes
3) I then got her blusher (sleek - ) and applied it on her cheeks
4) I then applied her bronzer just below
5) Next, I filled in her eyebrows with the body shops eyebrow kit
6) After that, I brushed her eyelashes (she has fakes from Angelite in kenninghall) and then applied her special mascara
7) I put a turquoise eyeshadow on her lower lid and on the outer half above. 
8) I then got a light blue and filled in the inner half to create a blended effect
9) I then put her special fake eyelash mascara on, only one coat.
10) I then put on her bourjois lipgloss, it's very light and really suits her!

My makeup: 
1) I don't put foundation on because it's bad for your skin and I don't need it anyway so I went straight to my eyes. I did the same kind of style as I did with my Nan's (steps 7 and 8) I put purple on first and then a different light blue
2) I then applied my mascara - I use maybelline's newest mascara (I do NOT reccomend it, it's rubbish!) I put on about five coats
3) Next I got my sleek - flamingo blusher and applied it lightly on my cheeks as it's quite strong
4) I then used a sparkly nude lipstick before filling in my brows lightly with the body shop eyebrow kit.

Nanny is wearing a white dress from the Norfolk show, a necklace made from the Dominican stone and earrings from a craft shop in Attleborough. She is also wearing black heels.
I am wearing white, frilly socks from Topshop, white pumps from primark and a red/orange superdry, strapless dress, which is around £50 and should still be in store. 

The Norfolk show 

Me and my family (mummy, nanny and my bff Carys) went to the Norfolk show last Thursday. It was loads of fun!
There was the actual Tardis!!! I am a really big whovian (but not of the old school doctors, I have seen every episode since the first Christopher eccleston) so this was huge for me!  I cannot stress how exited I was!
We went inside the Tardis and there was the thing! It had all the right buttons and everything!it had the big red one, the pulley thing and the the little flicks things! It was amazing!
Here are some selfayyyys:

I wore:
- spoilt rotten socks from Primark
- black jeans, also from primark
- a black lace jacket from Kylie at m&co 
- a cropped, pink tank top from New Look
- a pink, floral scarf, I have no idea where it's from! Lol!

Me and Carys on the sky flyer! Weeeeeeee!

Night guys xxx

Ellie 😜