Wednesday, 18 June 2014

How to be different

When your a teenager, being different can sometimes be a bit of a challenge and sometimes you want to break uniform rules. Sometimes, you can. Obviously, it depends on how strict your school actually is - mine isn't that strict so I change my uniform up a bit. You just have to change what isn't in the rules!

I wear earrings on my tie, no one ever said I couldn't so that's what I do, dangly ones, studs, earrings which are massive, hoops - you get the idea, no one ever says anything because they can't! It's genius! And, it makes you different - at the moment I am striving to not be like anyone else, I want to be me and so that's what I am!

I wear cross earrings, if anybody asks me to take them out, I can be like 'sorry miss/sir! I forgot to take them out! You see I went to this family dinner last night and I really wanted to wear them, I'll take them out tomorrow!' Of course, I never do! It's who I am and I want to express that. If you don't ask you don't know and if nobody mentions it then stick with it.

There are obviously different types of uniform, there's school and then there's things like guides. Below is a picture of me in my guide uniform. Because I 'lost' my guide jacket I replaced it with a red baseball jacket from new look. I also added a pretty necklace to go underneath the collar of the childish polo. I also added a cute black skater skirt and red pumps, although you can't see those in this picture

My advice is have fun with finding your style and trying to be different - it's a crime to have a personality nowadays, but try to express who you are in anyway you can. 

Good luck x

Jelly xxxx

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