Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Taylor by Taylor Swift - review

Because i am such a HUGE fan of Taylor swift, naturally, i asked for her new scent for christmas.  It came with a scented body lotion and a scented bath gel.

It smells VERY sweet, as did her previous scent wonderstruck, with a few spicy smells mixed in. Her old scent was a lot more woody where as this one smells a lot more like roses and other sweet-smelling flowers.

The bottle is what makes me love it the most - the lid looks like a diamond and the rim is made of pearls. The lid itself is probably the most gorgeous part apart the whole thing. It's like this glass coffin encasing the perfume in a ball of… nope my imagination dims at that point. lol! I just love the way it sparkles, anything shiny attaches my attention any of my close friends know this.  I'm one of those sorts of girls that the sight of anything shiny draws me in.  Don't know why, it's a sort of addiction actually, so this lid just speaks to me.  The top of the bottle is sort of a swirl of rainbows.  This could look really trashy if it were flat, if it were an image but it's not.  It's quite hard to explain. It's 3D and you can feel the swirls, i think it's just gold plated, obviously not real gold. It would be a lot more than £23, haha!

The bath gels have the same scent as the perfume and i love the colours that Taylor chose.  The green is really bright and vibrant and the blue writing really stands out against the background. I just think her design was really chic and trendy.  They leave you smelling gorgeous when you come out of the shower, which is really good, and i just love them.

Overall, i think that this perfume is a HUGE success!  I'm so glad i bought it because it just smells delicious!

Jelly x