Friday, 3 January 2014

Gelish - review

Recently me and my mum have discovered the world of gelish nails. There are several wonderful things about the product as well as bad things.

Gelish nail polish itself is the most marvelous nail creation that has ever existed. It stays in for as long as you want, it will stay on the nail forever if you want it to; however, obviously the nail grows back and the gelish doesn't fill in the gaps, amazing as that would be, so you have to get it taken off.  This is where the problem lies. The removing of the gelish often causes the rung of your nails, nails are suddenly a LOT weaker and horrible scratches are on your nails.  A sort of nail file, very strong file, is used to remove the gelish and scrapes on your nails.  The gelish itself is marvelous though and I seriously recommend it.

There are hundreds of colours to choose from, obviously this depends on where you go to get the gelish put on of course, the brand itself has hundreds of different colours including neon colours, sparkles, matte, Christmas, Easter. There hundreds of different colours for different occasions. 

The way gelish works is you paint it on and then you put yours nails underneath a special if light machine which completely dries your nails but your nails aren't dry until the third coat.  When they are finished they are COMPLETELY dry but they still look wet, they stay like that forever, unless you chip them or ruin them.  It's very difficult to do that, however, as the gelish is such a strong material.  I went on guide camp and I think the mix of chopping wood, smoke and suncream is the reason my gelish nails spoiled.

Certain substances have an effect on gelish and causes it to peel off.  Suncream spoils gelish and makes it suddenly slippery,  and then it peels off.  I don't the science of this it just does. I also have the impression that smoke has an effect on it and put too close to nails they will peel.  Too much hard work that involves your nails WILL cause it to peel.  Small work like drying and washing dishes probably won't damage your nails but I would wear rubber gloves just incase.

The price varies on where you go. The average rate is about £20 to put on and £10 extra to take off.  Where I go it's only £3 to take off which is wonderful value and she is very good quality.  

Overall, gelish is a marvelous invention and I seriously recommend it!

There are other brands which do the same thing as gelish such as shilak (don't know if that's spelt right)

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post!

Jelly x

Sorry about the quality of this photo, I took it a long time ago and didn't edit it very well :-) these are the colours that I had on, I had a bright sea blu end silver sparkle on both my ring fingers.

This is the colour my nan has on her nails, it is a sort of plum colour and still has a slight shine. 
My mum had a very deep blue and has been on for two weeks, it also has a very slight sparkle which you can't see in the picture.

As you can see, gelish suits all ages and all hands! Give it a try!

P.s. If your hands start to feel to hot in the uv machine press down and it stops it. I don't know the science of his all I know is that it works!