Tuesday, 2 September 2014


Hello everyone!!!

I apologise (again) for my delay of posting, i have had so much on and haven't had any time to blog to you!

Over the past few weeks i have been doing some amazing things, as a lot of people do in the summer holidays, one of them being my amazing week at Norjam! Norjam is a jamboree held in the Norfolk show ground for scouts and guides - i met some awesome people and did amazing things!
                  Me and three of my friends took part in 'Norjam's got talent' - there were three days in which you could audition and at the end of each of these days was a semi-final. We didn't audition the first day as we were at pleasure wood hills but on the other two days that we did audition we got through to the semis! Unfortunatly, we didn't get through to the finals but the entire crowd wanted us to, which was amazing!!! We called ourselves Prescripted! Our band continues and we would appreciate it if you subscribed to our youtube channel and took a look at our website!

The week after i went to Devon with my mum, my grandad and his wife. It was amazing! It was beautiful! I swam in ice cold rivers in my bikini, stood at the edge of a waterfall, climbed haytor and loads of other fantastic things!

Since i have been back i have been focusing on my youtube channel - i have done several videos that i would love you to check out!!!

Update - quick flick:

What's in my school bag? 

Shake it off by Taylor Swift - cover by Ellie and Connie

Positivity by Claudia Tripp - cover

One of the above videos is a cover of Taylor Swift's new single, shake it off. Who else loves it?  I am a huge swiftie and i am soooo exited about her new album 1989, i love the idea for the front cover, an actual polaroid, that's just awesome!!!

Also, it's back to school week so i have a new school bag and new stuff to go in it! If you're struggling with what to put in your school bag, check out my video!!!

Thankyou so much for reading, it's been a pleasure to write for you today x

Jelly xxx <3