Saturday, 28 September 2013

Cosmetic journal

When I was 10 years old I discovered an article on blogging in shout about a girl called Kia who set up a make-up blog and is now blogger famous. She draws pictures of make-up using make-up and her site is fantastic! was my inspiration to blogging.

Being ten years old, i wasn't sure wether I was aloud or even wanted to create a blog of my own. One day, I just went on my computer and, using my gmail account, created my own blog - I hate keeping secrets from my mum so an hour later, being the suck-up I am, I told her everything. She came and had a look and eventually she said it was fine. The blog stuck for quite a while and I posted my cosmetic discoveries constantly for about 4 months. My interest began to dim and I stopped blogging for a while. I then made a blog about animals, the blog address was I got up to about 900 views on this blog, which, at the the time, I was very proud of. Then, once again, my interest dimmed and I started up a blog about my writing. This started after I was eleven, half way through the summer holidays. I soon realised that I was going to get bored of this blog and i rarely posted on any of my other blogs. I then transformed into a blog of my life. It was instantly filled with posts. I still posted on Twitcher a lot and after the month it had got to 1253 views (dont ask how I can remember that) and Scarlett got to 200 views. One day I decided to make a youtube account.  I filled in the date of birth and then disaster struck when I hit go. Because I was underage for a gmail account, as soon as I hit go, with my true date of birth there, it all fell apart. My email got deleted and it said that unless I could prove that I was over 13 my email and my blogs would be deleted from the Internet forever. I had 28 days to prove I was over 13 and quite frankly, I couldn't. I used a fake name on the Internet so passport would be useless and I wasn't 13 anyway! My account got deleted and so did my 1500 (roughly ) views. I made a new account and my new blogging experience began. I made one main blog ( which was originally named but then realised that the name was too hard to find. I changed the name several months later to the name it is now. I don't go on it much anymore but some posts are still there, the original posts. This blog has 5000+ views and I'm very proud of it.  I then started high school. I made friends with a girl called Esmee Shie and several other fabulous people, One day I had a idea to start a youtube channel called Tanya Olayla Beauty. I knew  that beauty videos and channels get a lot of subscribers and so, that night, I hopped onto gmail and created the new account. The next day at school I told Esmee about my new account, she said it was a fabulous idea, which was when I realised. I need someone to help. I asked her straight away and Tanya Olayla Beauty was changed to Tesmee Beauty - Tanya Olayla and Esmee Shie. The email is impossible to change so it's still . We now do hundreds of videos for the people of YouTube and bloggers alike!

The other day I was looking in one of my nans stationary draws when I found a handmade book with a felt front cover. I reached and pulled it out. I gasped as the memories flooded back to me. The words cosmetic journal has been stuck on with alphabet stickers and drawings of make-up had been splashed across the front page. I opened it up and four drawings of liquid eyeliner, bronzer, Barry M nail polish and a Barry M trio eyeshadow palette stared at me. In the middle of these pictures was some text:  
Over the past few days, I have been reporting the latest make-up. I have studied cosmetics from dusty lipsticks to gleaming mascara a. It's been a journey to remember so I hope you enjoy my cosmetic journal.
Turns out, my journal lasted more than a few days. I turned the page and the articles from my first ever blog were there, the experiences that I had forgotten and the words I never had.  I laughed at how different my life had been back then as the different smells and memories floated past me. Collages and photos jumped out at me and I came across my old blogger profile.  I had a picture of my dog as my profile picture and I laughed as I came across my favourite movies, Bonnie and Clyde among them. Now I know that I must carry on what I started. Articals are to be added constantly from now on. My findings at Tesmee Beauty and a lot more will be included into that little book. So there it is, my life as a blogger.

Tanya Olayla

P.s. why don't you email in some beauty tips and pics? We'd love you forever xoxoxoxX x